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Friday, August 11, 2017

Ring final upgrade

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I very predictably replaced my center stone with pink moissanite from Joseph Schubach Jewelers in November 2016 because I finally had enough and call it quits with the stupid morganite. Tired of having to clean my ring with ultrasonic every damn day. Should've known that a stone that gets cloudy so easily is not for an OCD ass like me ๐Ÿ˜… I couldn't be happier with the upgrade! SO much pinker and shinier, with minimal maintenance!

I had the sizing beads removed because they hurt my knuckle whenever I took off my ring or put it back on. Also had it soldered with two thin stack rings I purchased from Vrai & Oro for a thicker look.

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Fun fact: We had talked about eventually becoming legal spouses when I got this ring for myself. That's right. I designed and paid for this ring myself, because I was the one who wanted a ring, because I didn't want a basic af ring that was mass-produced, because I could afford it, and because it was hugely empowering to do so. A few months later, we spontaneously decided together that we wanted to get the paperwork done, applied for a marriage license, and eloped the next week ♥

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