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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

New York trip (August 2016)

... and a bus tour to Philadelphia and Washington DC, with the Wongs!

Day 1 - August 21. Lunch at 44 1/2 Hell's Kitchen

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Photo by cousin Soxi


Went on a boat ride. Do you know Statue of Liberty was coppery brown?

Commute to the dinner place was a limousine with broken air conditioning

Dinner with 3 relatives from Australia

Madame Tussauds New York (wax figures museum)
That's P!nk on the rope and Amanda photobombed me.

I also have hourglass figure okay but my outfit not form-fitting

Team Necrophilia! I look like his kid leh wtf.

Team Beastility! Fancy a shawty?

Please don't beat me daddy. Ok sorry domestic abuse shouldn't be joked about

I didn't know who this was and I asked on FB. Anna Wintour, the chief editor of Vogue magazine.

I knew Charlie Chaplin was short, apparently about my height


I still haven't watched this movie

One of his favorite cartoons, he sings their theme songs all the time -_-
Frantically like so. "WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA???"
And "the C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song~"

Day 2. Hair was messed up after chasing after the bus lol

Woke up early and went to renew my passport - for whatever stupid reason, passport renewal had to be done in person and only at the Consulate General of Malaysia in NY. Good thing the whole process only took one morning - around an hour in queue and I could collect my new passport after an hour plus.

Believe it or not my slim af legs were not edited.

Just how awkward I was at posing for full body shot

My strong suit is selfie lol

When we went back to collect my new passport guess who we spotted??? ANNA WONG!!! She went "OMG" and jumped up when she saw us. Hadn't seen her since she left Malaysia!!! Forgot to take a photo as we were in a rush, but we promised to meet up again before we left NY.

"Hop On Hop Off NYC" bus tour around town with the Wongs

Photo from Trip Advisor. Note how the seats are facing sideways. 
We also went on this bus tour called THE RIDE. So every now and then, the bus would stop and there would be random passerby on the street suddenly dancing and only until the 3rd scene, I finally came to realization that those people were part of the show -_- dumb.

Catching Pokemon at Central Park lol

We also visited American Museum of Natural History, I forgot on Day 2 or Day 3. Didn't manage to explore the whole museum because whoever planned the trip only assigned one hour at the museum. *cry* What a waste!!! I don't want to go on trips not planned by myself no more.

Day 3

Met up with Rudy and Anna but forgot to take photos with her before she went home. -_-

Time Square freaked the fuck out of me. Those eye-blinding billboards... and the crowd. Not a fan!

Day 4 - First day of the cross-state bus tour. WSK wtf was wrong with you

First stop was the Secret Caverns.

"This sign marks the original entrance to the caverns that was discovered by two of Schoharie Countt's
finest cave sniffing cows in 1928 and developed in 1929 by civil engineer Roger Wallery."

Temperature kept dropping as we went lower underground

Do you see what I see hehehehehehehe

The sister. The only one among 4 siblings who got the good looks IMO lol shhhhhh


At the end of the downward tunnel was this waterfall.

He requested to have this photo taken. I was and still am confused

Second stop - Niagara Falls

Native American Dance Show at the Visitor Center

I don't want to sound ungrateful since the whole trip was paid for, but oh boy I really hate bus tour like this. To me it just made no sense to spend 5-6 hours of bus ride rushing from one tourist spot to another. It's a great waste of time, and nothing close to relaxing. We spent more time on the bus than at the tourist spots, then at every tourist spot we got barely enough time to really "feel" the place. And oh god the crowd from our bus and other buses. Did I mention that I hate people? I hate crowd. Also it's as if all they cared about was to take photos of themselves with those famous landmarks in the background - what's the fucking point in that, might as well just grab a Google image and photoshop yourselves in? Idk, I never thought of travelling as visiting famous landmarks just so you can cross them off the list... would've opted out if I knew earlier that it was gonna be like this. I'd much rather spend all those hours exploring NY. You know, a more back-packer's approach. Breathe the air, experience the local culture, enjoy the journey, stumble upon exciting little discoveries, that sort of thing.

Oh well. It's my first trip with the in-laws. It's more for... bonding. *shrug*

Day 5 - second day of the cross-state bus tour. Someone stole my neck pillow >:(

Maid of the Mist boat tour at Niagara. Very skillful this random person we asked to take this photo. 

Determined not to get wet. Whoa how did mom's iPad camera make my chin look so long

Entrance to Old Fort Niagara

Fort Niagara is a fortification originally built to protect the interests of New France in North America. The French established the first post in 1679 and built the impressive "French Castle" in 1726. It still stands today. Britain gained control of the fort in 1759 during the French and Indian War and maintained control throughout the American Revolution, yielding it to the United States in 1796. The fort was captured by the British during the War of 1812 until being ceded again to the United States in 1815 after which time it served as a peaceful border post. Old Fort Niagara served as a training station and active barracks from the Civil War until the last army units were withdrawn in 1963.

Photo found via Google Image.

Idk why but nowadays I can't be bothered to take photos on my own on trips anymore... I just felt like there's no need to try since I could find better, professionally taken photos on the internet. Even to include my face I also can't be bothered unless I'm very bored. Also other Wongs were taking photos so I thought I could just steal from them once they uploaded onto FB. Ended up not all of them posted photos, and those who posted didn't post all photos lol.

Pointless photo - can't even tell where I was from the background

Watkins Glen State Park

Gotta spam you with 10 more photos that look like this one

The number of photos taken reflects how bored I was

It took almost an hour from entrance to exit, and then when we were supposed to leave we couldn't because two people went missing: a mother-daughter pair from China. Daughter was a teenager or in early 20's, mother was in her forties. It was made clear to meet at the exit, but we found the mother at the entrance. Apparently the daughter strayed too far and left the mother behind. The mother decided to go back to the entrance (logic???). They had to call the park rangers to search for the daughter. After she was found, the pair got an earful from the tour guide, but the daughter was grinning and snickering (???). Didn't even apologize for wasting an hour of our time and the hassles caused. The mother scolded her in the bus but she just ignored and looked out the window. Manners. ಠ_ಠ

Day 6 - last day of the bus tour! Washington DC.
Couldn't get closer to the White House because Secret Service agents said no.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

This place was toasting hot like an oven when we visited!
But there's a secret air-conditioned place downstairs. Ծ_Ծ

I couldn't be bothered to walk any further under the hot sun
so WSK went alone to see Korean War Veterans Memorial.
This was his selfie attempt featuring his humongous nose.

We stopped by the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) but the Liberty Bell attraction was not open. Didn't bother to take photo with the Independence Hall. I feel like I went "didn't bother to take photo with _____" a lot in this post. Then why bother making a blog post I also dunno lol wtf.

A tiny piece of the moon at Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

Day 7 - Back in NY. Rudy brought us to Max Brenner.

This dude was acting chill but he was not at all. He went crazy making weird noises, hyperventilating. This chocolate place was like his heaven. Or natural habitat. He bought so many and gave his wife zero piece. Finished them all by himself 😠 BABI. No wonder the Wongs called him the "chocolate monster" - said he would look for chocolates in the house and devoured all since he's a toddler.

He was so fat during this trip! Double chin and beer belly

Went to watch the Blue Man Group. I didn't know what I signed up for and wore a maxi white dress. Then found out Soxi got us the first row seats and the show would involve things flying/splashing our way, paint and bananas and Cheetos and whatnot wtf?! They provided raincoats to front-seaters and I legit covered up every inch to protect the dress Dom bought for me. And my face. And my phone. And my handbag. And my sandals. And it worked. I was totally fine.

Asian blue man and WSK holding an original spin art painting  

The painting was created by violently spitting (vomiting? spraying?) paint onto the white board. One of the blue men held the board while another projected paint loaded into his mouth onto the board. So yep the painting was also full of saliva of that blue man but WSK insisted on keeping it. -_- The painting was still wet when the show was over and we were going to spend the night with Anna, so he asked Soxi to bring it back to the hotel and later he brought it onto the plane and flew it back to Madison. Such dedication...

It's been sitting on the electrical box in our living hall. I prefer a clean, neat, minimalistic theme for our house. This painting is ridiculously vibrant and messy. An eye sore. I secretly moved it into the closet once, but WSK noticed right away and moved it back out. Wouldn't let me hide move it to anywhere less visible! 

We met up with Anna again at East Village. She brought me to this bizarre restaurant and I was very happy!
To post photos I couldn't/shouldn't/didn't post on FB. Eureka moment lololol

There was a line to get in so we went to visit the shop upstairs while waiting for our turn.

Oh so the sign did say "no picture" but I didn't get the memo

Holy crap. Pun intended.

I was warned by the cashier (or was she the owner?) after taking that last photo at the register. Anyway, much to my disappointment, it was just a boutique selling punk rock apparel... with bizarre decorations all over the shop nonetheless. Hold on let me search for more images on Google.

Wait what. The owner actually put up 360° view of the inside of the shop on Google. No idea how to get the link but you can just type in "Search & Destroy New York" and it will show up.

Then we went back down to Kenka. It's a wildly authentic izakaya (居酒屋, informal Japanese gastropub)

I told WSK to put his face in the cut-out and let me take a photo

... he had no idea what was on the other side! Anna knew. LMAO

Didn't order food as we already ate at a Korean restaurant before coming here.
But look at the menu! Bull penis heh.

I ordered so many of this. LOVE

We were each given a small cup of sugar to make cotton candy using their machine outside.
Photos were from Google Image, I compiled them. Someone made a video here.

Very very happy that I got to catch up with Anna. She's like a big sister to me. Grateful that we met during my earliest days at INTI, being an outsider among all the those JPA scholars didn't feel so terrible because I had her. She already knew both WSK and I even before we started dating! Life got in the way and we were bad at keeping in touch but here's a friendship that will last regardless. We walked down the memory lane and couldn't believe we've come so far in life despite the hardships we both had to deal with.

We went to a speakeasy bar next - well, modern rendition of a Prohibition-era speakeasy. Back in the booze-ban days of 1920-1933, a period known as Prohibition, unlicensed saloons were called "speakeasies" because of the practice of speaking quietly about such a place in public, or when inside it, so as not to alert the police or neighbors.

I really should start taking more photos when I go on trips because I honestly couldn't recall the name of the speakeasy bar we went to, along with many other places visited during this trip. Fortunately I managed to find all the missing information on Google - so the speakeasy bar we visited was the whimsical Cienfuegos.

"From the Death & Co/Mayahuel power team, this hidden Cuban rum house in the East Village delivers excellent punches and Latin small plates in a space caged in by a floor-to-ceiling wrought iron gate."

Then we walked Anna back to her apartment, talked for a bit more at her place, and went back to our hotel. I flew back to Madison after a few hours whereas Kit stayed in NY for a few more days.

I didn't have the keys to our place when I arrived. -_- Had to stand outside my door, used wifi to contact Dom and asked him to call the pet sitting agency (Kit and I used a cheap phone service and our phone reception was shitty af, couldn't make or receive calls at most places) to come drop off my keys to me. And then I finally reunited with my meows!!!!! Omg my poor babies T﹏T The Chicago trip and NY trip were only 1 day apart which means I abandoned them for almost 2 weeks. They never had accidents outside the litter boxes since we moved into this apartment but I think Doink was depressed/angry he pooped on my kitchen rug. But I didn't blame him. Okay recalling our separation is very sad I need to go show them some affection now bye

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