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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sparkly 6.7" tall stilettos

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You probably won't believe me but these are the most comfortable pair of stilettos I've tried on... Sadly they are one of those 失心瘋 purchases that I'm going to return 😕

My rationale for buying them was that... I wanted a pair of sky-high, sparkly, super sexy stilettos for occasions where I didn't have to walk around much, just stand there and pose for photos 👠 Like... weddings. Or formal dinners. But was told that they look trashy for those occasions 😶 I wanted to justify keeping them by ditching popular opinions but even so those mentioned occasions are merely imaginary 😅

If I ever attempt pole-dancing or become a stripper in the future I will buy them again, but bye for now 😢

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