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Friday, March 3, 2017

Pitu app + LimeCrime transfer-proof lip liquid (Wicked)

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Can't believe I didn't bother to download any face-editing app on my phone until I got blown away by this Pitu virtual make-up app featured in Xiaxue's latest video. Decided to install and try out with old photos I took when I was trying out this vampy lip color with no eye makeup and brows so shitty 😱 how the fuck did I live with myself I don't even know 😂

The verdict: omg this Pitu app is da 💣 
Swipe to compare before/after and see for yourself!
Super easy to use too, just a few clicks and 
Brows - fixed ✔ 
Face - slimmed and contoured ✔ 
Foundation - applied ✔ 
Eyelashes - added ✔ 

Second photo not as dramatic because that angle is already very flattering lol

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Hadn't watched Suicide Squad when I took this photo last year but now I see why someone pointed out the resemblance to Harley Quinn 👄

Actually I was mimicking The Overly Attached Girlfriend 😅

I sent this to Alex. He said his heart skipped a beat for real 😂😂😂 said I looked like 👻


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