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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Aetrex Erica ballet flats in Bright Rose

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Oh my oh my, did I splurge on $175 ballet flats by Tieks in cardinal red???
Nay! 🙅These are Aetrex Erica ballet flats in Bright Rose 😍
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Backstory: I first heard about Tieks when Tze Min got hers in burgundy about one year ago. Did some quick searches to know why they are so expensive yet so popular. Since then, I'd been haunted by their ads on FB and IG non-stop 👻 I even knew that they came out with limited edition ~champagne~ for Black Friday. 

But I resisted as I don't really wear flats much due to my flat feet so I couldn't justify making the purchase. Until lately. Right after I got my tax return wtf. I knew that I wouldn't get peace of mind until I actually tried them on and judge for myself whether it's worth the hype. 

So I ordered a pair and... nope. Didn't work out. Serious lack of cushion and arch support, hated the toe cleavage, and hated how thin the leather was the shape of my toes were so visible. Disappointed, but relieved cuz they cost so much. 

Tze Min said she got them because it's hard to find premium quality flats in her small size. But my size is quite average so I know that cheaper, better options should come in plenty. Because even my old $30 flats with so much scuff marks still felt better than $175 Tieks. 

So I returned the Tieks and started looking for flats with good arch support. Took me quite a while to finally found a pair in red... I was so damn happy when I found out Amazon is carrying the line! Last pair in red size 7 😱 I didn't really know if fhey'd fit cuz my shoe size ranges from 6.5 to 8.0 depending on the brands 😅 but since it's the last pair I ordered them anyway. 

They came in today, and they fit *squeak* and the cushion + arch support was amazing I felt like I stepped into a pair of clouds ☁ 

Mad happy!!! $100 cheaper than Tieks some more!!! Brb crying 

And yes I've aged I now only buy premium quality staple pieces that can go with everything and comfort is a must. Basic is classic. #defensive

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