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Sunday, March 12, 2017

New toy: Fidget Cube

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After months of waiting, my Fidget Cube is finally here!!! It was almost 1 year ago when I backed this project on Kickstarter... Was expecting to receive them before I went home in December and thought I could pass my brother the one I got for him. But delivery was delayed because they noticed some technical defects and make a new batch.

Worth the wait though, I love it so much! Couldn't stop playing with it since I unboxed hours ago 😍 Would've gotten a few more in different colors for myself if they're cheaper... I guess I just have to take super good care of this one and try not to lose it then 🙊 

Btw, my French nails are press-on... I'm just too anal about getting the perfect smile line and it's too much work to hand-paint and maintain. I don't know why I never resorted to press-on nails until now! They're perfect! Application is super easy, no need to wait for nail polish to dry, no need to bother with base coat top coat, will never lose pieces of color or chip, surface smooth like baby's backside. If I catch them when they come off I just reapply glue and stick back on, otherwise when I notice one has gone missing I just glue on a new one. I don't think I'll ever hand-paint nail polish onto my nails ever again 💅

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