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Thursday, March 16, 2017

More tattoos and navel piercing

Ankh, gratitude, cat silhouette and ribbon, lamp post (I blogged about them HERE)

March 5, 2016
Did 5 tattoos at once because I am hardcore like this. Lol actually because it's cheaper and it's not easy to book an appointment with Billy and the tattoo parlor is quite far from my place. It'd be a hassle to get them separately.

Quote - from Watchmen (Check out the reference HERE. Enlargeable.)
Fox - from The Little Prince (Check out the reference HERE and HERE. Enlargeable.)
Valar morghulis - from Games of Throne (Check out the reference HERE.)
BAD WOLF - from Doctor Who (Check out the reference HERE.)
Elephant - from The Little Prince (Check out the reference HERE. Enlargeable.)

All my tattoos at this point, except the ribbon which Billy drew on me free-hand, were EXACT duplicates of the designs I printed on a piece of paper and brought in. I was in a rush when I typed out the quote... and didn't notice that I'd made a typing error. NOT MISSPELLED, IT WAS A TYPING ERROR. Instead of "unlikelihood" I typed "unlikehood"... FML. Don't ask me how it was possible that Kit and I looked at the piece of paper I had my designs on, the stencil, the stencil transferred onto me, and the tattoo itself, AND DID NOT REALIZE THERE WAS A TYPING ERROR. Until a full week later, when Alex and Tze Min were at our place and inspecting my new tattoos. When Alex read my quote out loud only I realized


I swear my heart sank and I felt like I was gonna black out. FML BIG TIME.

And then this heartless mofo WSK BURST OUT LAUGHING
"Omg you're one of those people on the internet with epic tattoo fails!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha"
"Eh please get it fixed I don't want when I become a successful politician people find out my wife has a misspelled tattoo"
"Omg how did you get into PhD Program and made this kind of mistake hahahahahahaha"
"How could you not double-check triple-check extra carefully this is something that's gonna last forever"

Very helpful WSK. Very helpful. Good job.

Luckily I'm also very smart and creative when it comes to fixing problems thanks to all the training I got from being a trouble-maker all my life. I immediately crossed out "laser removal" as an option due to the ridiculous cost and amount of time it'd take. I also crossed out the option of covering it up with a solid rectangle black block because Alex and Tze Min said it's worse than just leaving it be. Then I whipped out the original piece of paper I printed the quote on and came out with this:

I emailed Billy and he said this could work, but I'd have to wait until it completely healed before he could attempt the covering up because he didn't want to risk scarring me.

Being the impatient fucktard I was, of course I wouldn't just wait and not try anything so I looked up how to make my tattoo lighter or even gone so the cover-up could work better. I came across this forum where someone claimed that after doing wart removal on tattooed area the tattoo faded.

I decided to give it a shot.

The instruction said to press on for 10 seconds or so but I applied with force for 2 minutes. I did this right before Kit and I went on our spring trip to Universal Studios Orlando. You can read about the trip HERE.

This was how swollen that spot was when we were in Orlando. Kit was very worried and wouldn't stop scolding me for experimenting with my own body with all these stupid stunts.

April 17, 2016
Spontaneously decided to get my belly button pierced while going into a piercing lounge with Kit to get his left ear pierced.

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July 9, 2016
Went back to Billy in May but because of the frostbite stunt I pulled on the typo, I was told to wait a while more until that area healed up more. But eventually, after 4 months, the swelling went away completely and the dark blotch lightened up a little. Billy did the cover up and touched up the rest of the quote for free, but I tipped him because I was very very happy with how it turned out.

September 6, 2016
I just never learned that spontaneity is dangerous when it comes to permanent body art. On Sept 5, I walked into the tattoo shop a block away from my apartment which had good rating on Yelp and booked my appointment. The next day I showed up for my appointment, turned out I wasn't booked with the artist whom I talked to when I booked my appointment, but some huge brown guy I didn't even know. Albert something. And he didn't even know he was booked... Then he misunderstood how I wanted the tattoos (I brought in my designs as usual), spent 40 minutes drawing stencils of the designs I brought in and MADE AN EXTRA MIRRORED STENCIL. So unfair because he charged by hour.

Seconds into tattooing I knew I was screwed. THIS GUY COULDN'T PULL A SMOOTH LINE. And my design consists of nothing else but LINES. Instant regret. I contemplated just telling him to stop making a mess, but I sat through the whole session, watched him go over the same lines over and over again to "smoothen" them out. The delicate, thin lines I initially wanted became thick, wonky, INDENTED lines. The color wasn't right either. I went home, curled up in bed feeling want to die. I stared at my badly scarred skin and cried. I didn't even cry when I noticed my typo, so that's saying something.

I didn't post photos of the new tattoo until much later, because I wasn't proud of it. And I felt like that was the punishment I got for "betraying" Billy... like I knew Billy is superbly good with line work but I decided to spontaneously walked into another tattoo parlor just because it's closer to where I live? And didn't walk out when I figured out I was booked with this sketchy artist? Some more got charged with double the amount Billy charged me when I went home with not even half the quality of Billy's work. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I could only comfort myself that at least the semicolon wasn't bad.

You can't tell how from the photo below because I didn't want to take a close-up that showed how crappy it was. I probably should have. Whatever.

December 19, 2016
I just had to fix the tattoo I hated before I went back to Malaysia for our wedding. So I came up with another design to cover it up. And a couple more that I'd been thinking for a while. This time I smartened up and went back to Billy.

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A post shared by Sin-ruow Tey (@crazenne) on

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timshel - from East of Eden (Check out the reference HERE. Read the longer passage HERE.)

I chose the word "timshel" over ืชื™ืžืฉืœ (the Hebrew characters) because the source of my inspiration is the book East of Eden by John Steinbeck, not the bible itself. It's safer to avoid getting a tattoo in a foreign language, especially when you don't understand the culture associated with that language. Also "timshel" in an almost illegible script font is more aesthetically pleasing to me than ืชื™ืžืฉืœ.

III.XIX - the date WSK and I officially met, and this same date exactly a year later marked the start of our relationship. Coincidentally it's also the birth date of someone currently very important to me.

-Abrupt End-

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