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Monday, March 13, 2017

Knock knock, anybody still here?

The recent posts were all "reblogged" from my Instagram cuz I was thinking, the captions are so long I might as well put them up here, as a lazy way to ease into the revival of this blog... although I don't really have much photo-heavy content to put here. Except the whole wedding thing... which is like, 10 videos and 700+ photos... Oh and the 9 tattoos I haven't blogged about. Maybe some very backlogged photos from trips to Chicago and the trip to NYC last year August. So yes I'm rather committed to reviving this blog. Although other than those I just mentioned, it's mostly going to be Instagram posts with long captions.

As mentioned on this blog very long time ago, I've moved to another URL to write verbose entries with erotic/scandalous content not suited for the general public. If you're interested in reading those but are too prideful to directly ask me for the URL and lack stalker's skills to find out on your own, keep an eye out on my upcoming IG stories... I will put up the link in near future.

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