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Friday, March 4, 2016

Meet Tigger! ^..^ฅ

Lol it's true what they said about parental differential treatment... look at how I'm only drafting this now after having Tigger for 6 months. *guilty*

To be honest, getting a second cat had always been part of the plan, but getting specifically Tigger wasn't what I expected. Not long after we got Nosie, Kit and I agreed on finding him a feline companion once I get a full-time job, but the initial plan was to adopt from DCFOF where we adopted Nosie from. Before Kit came back for his masters program, Spencer once asked me if I could take in a kitten for a month, because the owners were going on vacation. I rejected because I didn't want Nosie to become bonded with a kitten that had to be given back eventually.

After Kit came back, we went to an adoption fair to see if DCFOF had any new kittens not cataloged on the website, but there wasn't any at the fair. After we moved, I emailed DCFOF coordinator to arrange for meeting with a young adult white/grey tabby. Before we finalized on a date and time, Kit suddenly told me Danny and Effy had to find a home for their kitten or give him away, because their apartment doesn't allow furry pets. I agreed on giving it a try to see if Nosie would accept their kitten into our household.

When I first saw Tigger (formerly named Popcorn) at their place, I found him looking rather feisty and feral (compared to Nosie's stupid and clueless face). Danny and Effy carried Tigger to our place. Introduction of a new friend to existing cat is supposed to happen very slowly according to cat experts (should take days or even weeks: scent first, then behind a door, then short amount of time in the same space, then let both roam free in the house), but before I brought it up, Danny and Effy already let Tigger out of the cage. The two cats slow-mo approached each other, stretching their heads forward to sniff each other out (ughh I should have taken a video, everything happened so fast).

Then Nosie hissed at Tigger, but Tigger didn't even flinch. Tigger just looked at Nosie, clueless. Nosie hissed again. I was amused as I had only seen Nosie hiss once, at a huge dog when I took him to the vet. They didn't fight though, so I figured there was no need to keep them in separate rooms.

The following 2 days, Tigger kept tailing Nosie, following Nosie wherever he went, sometimes even playfully, sneakily jumped on Nosie. All Nosie did to retaliate was hissing (to show that he's the alpha). Then on the third day, they have become friends wtf so quick!

I wasn't sure if the wrestling was just play sessions or aggression, so I observed them very closely, looked it up on the web, and email DCFOF coordinator for confirmation. Then I caught Nosie giving Tigger licks in the midst of wrestling and thereby confirmed that Nosie has accepted Tigger.

I didn't like Tigger in the beginning though, because one day I came home and found bloody spots on Nosie's face. I thought Tigger was bullying Nosie (although Tigger was smaller in size), and Tigger wouldn't let me trim his claws. But after reading some articles on the topic, it seems like kittens need to learn how fierce they can be during play from the reaction of their playmate, so I decided to let them work it out.

After a week or so, I didn't see fur flying or new wounds anymore! All three of us have grown to be very fond of the fearless newcomer. We renamed him Tigger, that jumpy Tiger in Winnie the Pooh, because that's the impression Tigger gave us— constantly bouncing around. But then we never actually call him Tigger at home la, we call him Doin Doin (the sound of a spring bouncing), like we never actually call Nosie Nosie either, we call him Mao Mao hahahaha.

What I really like about Tigger is that he would meow back when we call his name. When we call Nosie all he did was stare at us (sometimes no reaction, although he did hear us). Tigger is very bitey and scratchy though! It's like he never learned proper manner. He is sibeh kaypo, even nosier than Nosie wtf. When Alex and I prepare dinner he likes to jump up and be in our faces -.- And he likes eating crunchy stuff: vegetable stems, onion skin, plastic wrapper of snacks wtf, fruit skin (not crunchy also why he likes huh?), rubber band (also not crunchy?)... Top favorite is plastic wrappers. He would dig my trash bag to find plastic wrappers to eat -.- Then of course he can't digest those random stuff so he vomits -.- stupid cat. He also likes to sit in front of Kit's computer screen when the game reaches a critical time point hahahaha, but now he does it less because Kit keeps a water spray on his table hahahaha. At first he never bothered burying his poop, I think Nosie and Kit tried to teach him proper toilette so now he covers his poop with litter most of the time.

Enough stories, let me spam you with photos! Videos will be up in next entry.


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  1. I've been reading your "other" blog. Wow! You just need a pic of your kitty in that blog! 😜