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Friday, March 4, 2016

Meet Tigger! ^..^ฅ

Lol it's true what they said about parental differential treatment... look at how I'm only drafting this now after having Tigger for 6 months. *guilty*

To be honest, getting a second cat had always been part of the plan, but getting specifically Tigger wasn't what I expected. Not long after we got Nosie, Kit and I agreed on finding him a feline companion once I get a full-time job, but the initial plan was to adopt from DCFOF where we adopted Nosie from. Before Kit came back for his masters program, Spencer once asked me if I could take in a kitten for a month, because the owners were going on vacation. I rejected because I didn't want Nosie to become bonded with a kitten that had to be given back eventually.

After Kit came back, we went to an adoption fair to see if DCFOF had any new kittens not cataloged on the website, but there wasn't any at the fair. After we moved, I emailed DCFOF coordinator to arrange for meeting with a young adult white/grey tabby. Before we finalized on a date and time, Kit suddenly told me Danny and Effy had to find a home for their kitten or give him away, because their apartment doesn't allow furry pets. I agreed on giving it a try to see if Nosie would accept their kitten into our household.