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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Song ruined: Crazy in love (acoustic)

(recorded on July 20, 2015)

My first-hand encounter with a friend's psychosis

I had contemplated for more than 2 years whether to tell the story here, I guess circumstances are different now and I am no longer held back by the considerations I used to have for all parties involved. I am no longer afraid to deal with any backlash— that is, if anyone who still reads my blog decides to give me any.

This happened in January 2014.

I'd known her since INTI International University. I'd never talked to her back then though. My first actual conversation with her was during a group dinner as she sat right next to me. Following that, she started to have more interactions with me, though most of the conversations we had were actually just her ranting on about her life— roommate problems, boy problems, study problems. A few month prior to the incident, she started to call me on the phone and talk for hours. I would listen and provide emphatic comments.

One day, out of a sudden, almost everyone on her Facebook friend list was invited to a Facebook event page she created. On the event page, she claimed that she was diagnosed with terminal stage of stomach cancer and was hosting a farewell dinner prior to her departure to the UK for a surgery with very low success rate, and that she would welcome monetary donations to afford the surgery.