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I write verbose posts about polyamory, love, lust, and self-discovery on my other blog Victoria's Imaginarium.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I still linger here wtf.

If you're a loyal reader of this blog and were disappointed by the lack of explicit content on my new blog, all I can say for now is... I don't have the time to think about which direction that blog should go yet. Fictional or not, I do have a lot to write about given the lifestyle I am living now, but starting is just hard as fuck— you know how humans tend to set ridiculously high standards for themselves when they start something new?

So yeah. Till then, I'm back here rambling about the vanilla parts of my life.
2015 is almost over, and I just realized that I didn't write any post to reminisce about 2014.
Hopefully, the confessions I couldn't make can soon be made. Before 2015 comes to an end.

That's the whole point of running a blog, hmm? For me at least.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy birthday WSK ♥

Note: So below is what I posted on Facebook but slightly modified, you may skip this one if you've read the post.

I think I have never publicly expressed how grateful I am to have WSK in my life, and today it just feels like I should have done so already, so here goes.

WSK and I are not a conventional couple. We almost never do romantic cheesy stuff most couples do. We have our own circles of people we hang out with and we don’t report to each other our whereabouts. We don’t text unless it’s necessary. Heck, we don’t even talk on the phone or send each other more than 10 texts when we don’t see each other for 5 days. We live together, but we don’t interact a lot as we both need a lot of "me" time doing our own things. We don’t share with each other how our day has been as we just don’t find small talks appealing. When we fail to find a show or a movie both of us will enjoy watching, most of the time we would just part ways and watch whatever the hell each of us want to watch, separately. When I’m occasionally an unreasonable crazy bitch he would tell me he doesn’t have patience for this shit and walk away. (Although for argument's sake, he is usually the reason why my crazy bitch alter-ego gets released.) We’re cruelly blatant to each other, sometimes mean even.