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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Short stay at Miami

Yay! First blog post in 2015, and it's about a vacation that happened in 2013. ☉_☉

To be honest, our overnight stay in Miami before we went on our cruise trip to Bahamas turned out unnecessary and undesired. Lesson learned— that we should never ever rely on or expect from people whom we are not their priorities. Your close ones' close ones have no obligation towards you.

This is how the story went. At first Kit and I planned to fly to Miami and straightaway head to the port to board the cruise, but Kylie suggested that we arrive a day earlier to hang out with her and her boyfriend at the time, since he'd be doing internship in Florida and she'd fly there to spend a week with him. She said they could pick us up at the airport, help us find a hotel nearby, then drive to the beach, stuff like that. We didn't really know her then boyfriend, but she seemed very passionate about the one-day double-dating thing and the plan sounded doable, so we went ahead and booked our flight to arrive at Miami a day before our cruise trip. 

Who knew at the last minute before we flew, I was informed that she and her then-boyfriend would be going to Orlando Universal Studios with his brother instead. She was terribly sorry and said she had a fight with him regarding this matter, but he insisted to spend time with his brother as his brother was leaving the states for good. I asked her to ditch them for a day and come hang with us because we booked our flight to arrive a day earlier solely for her. She said she couldn't, but would try her best to at least meet up with us.

We had no choice but to go along with it as it was already too late for us to make alternative plans without going over our budget. We figured the first thing we should do upon arrival at the Miami airport was to find a place to stay. After two hours of clueless, torturous walking (with two heavy backpacks and a small suitcase) under the hot sun, we finally came across a shady-looking but affordable hotel with vacancy.

Photo taken from the hotel website, looking rather decent? Hang on let me pull an image from Google Maps

Truth. Now you know what wonders photography can make lol.

The hotel had a vintage elevator— you know, the kind that requires an attendance to manually operate? For some reason I didn't bother to take a photo of it. Now I think it even deserved a video... ಥ_ಥ but never mind nowadays everything also can be found on the internet hehehe. Here goes.

After checking in we walked to the nearest restaurant for lunch. It was a two-level restaurant, the first floor was already full so the waiter took us to the second floor, via a rather big and very fancy elevator— by very fancy I mean when I entered the elevator I felt like I had stepped into a nightclub! Who would expect to see colorful walls and colorful lights inside an elevator wtf. Here are two photos of the restaurant found on Google Images:

Our meal seems very atas in this photo hor but was actually one of the worst I ever had. Those chunks were raw fish pre-marinated in lemon juice, so it should be no surprise they tasted exactly like lemons, albeit with the texture of raw fish... I tried my hardest but couldn't finish even quarter of it. Kit still packed it back to the hotel because he insisted we shouldn't waste expensive food. Ծ_Ծ To me this already-paid-must-finish mentality makes no sense, you already lose money now you want to lose some more by torturing your taste buds? WHY.

Kit was so tired he fell asleep almost immediately once we got back to the hotel. Meanwhile I stayed awake to wait for Kylie's confirmation about whether they would come meet up with us or not after they were done with the theme park.

Pardon the selfies spam, I literally had nothing better to do... ಠ_ಠ

Around 5PM Kylie texted and said it's raining quite heavily they had to leave the theme park earlier than planned, so they would come pick us up for dinner in 2 hours.

continued to kill time after killing some time by putting on make-up

also woke Kit up

Then they came to pick us up. We went to a seafood restaurant on a street that feels like Malaysia, where there were tables and chairs on the kaki lima (pedestrian walkway).

Kylie said I cheated because I was on four-inch wedges lol

After dinner they sent us back to the hotel. Exhausted and bored, we straightaway went to bed.

Side story: Three weeks later when I went to Chicago to celebrate my 22nd birthday, Kylie revealed to me that her ex (and his brother?) said from the impression we gave at the dinner, I was at least a 7 and Kit was only a 3 (out of 10). I laughed and said I should be at least an 11 and Kylie asked me to go die. Lolol. Then I asked her why her ex thought Kit was only a 3, she said to him Kit wasn't very friendly at the dinner and talked very boring, factual stuff. If I tell you by boring, factual I think he meant intellectual stuff he couldn't follow you will think I am just defensive or buay paiseh but I really don't want to say things about him so I leave it to you guys to judge la. Just know this: I don't rate people like this but since he did, I would say he was at most a 1 and I'm glad he is now an ex.

The next morning we checked out and took a cab to go to the port. The cab driver dropped us at Miami Bayside Marketplace near the port (more convenient for him and cheaper for us). To save digital space I usually don't keep original photos so here is an underexposed-when-taken-overexposed-after-editing photo of me:

That stink-eyed chameleon at the back was a toy la hahaha

There was a stall with live parrots though, but photos were not allowed unless paid and I didn't want to spend anymore money after paying $40 for something I didn't really intend to buy... Anyway here are some photos of those parrots I grabbed from Google Images:

Okay story time about that $40. So when we were at somewhere near the entrance, before we had a chance to explore the mall, a man walked up to me and complimented my beauty and asked us where we were from. I know right wtf I should have known it was a trap. Then this man grabbed me to his stall and started promoting some facial products.

I had problem rejecting people once eye contact was generated, let alone someone I have just talked to in a friendly manner, so I kept giving Kit that "I need help" look and at one point even mouthed "save me" to him when the salesman wasn't looking, but he ignored me and looked away!!! Then the salesman asked if he could demonstrate the wonders of Deep Sea Peeling Gel on my arm. Next thing I knew, I was blown away and ready to purchase. Seeing me hand my debit card to the man, only Kit realized and quickly walked to my side to whisper to me in mandarin not to buy it, but it was already too late... After the payment was made, the salesman proceeded to demonstrate other products on me, luckily the package price was too ridiculous, plus he had taken up too much of our time, plus I already bought something from him, so I finally gathered the guts to walk off with Kit.

Once the salesman was out of sight, Kit whipped out his phone to show me the price of the exact same product on Amazon (slightly cheaper than what I paid) and started scolding me for the irrational purchase. Most purchases in the states can be returned, however this one was an exception as stated on the receipt. Out of frustration I broke into tears, because the whole time I was trying to get him to drag me away yet he just didn't act until after the salesman swiped my debit card...!!! ಥ_ಥ

Turned out he didn't know I wanted him to jump in and pull me away because he didn't expect me to have difficulty saying no in situation like this. He didn't even notice me mouthing "save me" wtf why so unobservant??? T﹏T 

Then he fasterly apologized for making me cry and comforted me saying $40 wasn't too bad la for a lesson for both of us. He said his father also had similar experience, being pressured into buying an insurance plan because the saleswoman was begging and crying and telling sob stories. I concluded that the safest measure was to never let them have a chance to initiate a conversation.

After the episode we went to food court to have cheap lunch.

And we continued to stroll the marketplace until time was up. Found this awesome tree:

Heading to the port, bye Miami Bayside Marketplace!

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  1. Nice write up. Miami has quite the night life. I was there about a year ago and we hung out at the Mango Bar or place to hang out...