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Friday, January 23, 2015

Random things Kit said to Nosie


"Nosie, come here."
"Oi. Come here."
(cat ignores him)
"You stupid cat. Stupid. Stupid cat."


"Nosie are you sad."
"Nosie they cut off your balls. Are you sad."


"You little piece of shit."


"Nosie you are a poop machine. Eat poop eat poop. POOP MACHINE."


"You're lucky you're cute. Otherwise I cook you for dinner."


"Nosie you have a long tail. Can I cut off some of it?"




"Why did you bite my head when I sleep. You wait lahhh. You wait."
"When you sleep I'm going to bite you back. You wait."


"NOSIE. Stop attacking my feet ahhh. I throw you out and buy a new cat ahhh. Nosie. Stop."




"Nosie. You are a cat. Do you know that? You, are, a, CAT."
(I walked into the room)
"Why were you telling Nosie that he is a cat?"
"He doesn't know that he is a cat... he doesn't understand the concept of CAT."

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