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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cruise trip to Bahamas

After our short stay at Miami, we boarded Norwegian Sky and started our 5-day-4-night cruise trip! (in 2013)

Emergency and safety briefing

Hanging out at common area

Norwegian Sky has a total of 12 floors if not mistaken

First thing we did on the cruise - jacuzzi (the four round tubs)

Then it started drizzling so we went back to the room

The food on the cruise was super good I can cry now thinking about it T﹏T

Dining options on the ship include two main dining rooms, a help-yourself buffet plus a few casual cafés, grills and on-the-go choices. Buffet was the best option for picky but greedy eater like me because I could take a variety of food I knew I would like in portions I knew I could finish. Buffet is basically "veni, vidi, vici" style— just go, see, and grab! No "blind ordering" based on vague descriptions on the menu or long waiting time for the food to be served.

Left the ship to go on a sightseeing tour

Waiting area

First stop was a local market (I forgot the name) where we finished our cash buying souvenirs.

WSK flicked the crab repeatedly in hope to make it fall and got scolded by the stall owner lolololol

Second stop was Taino beach. Beautiful view, but the weather wasn't welcoming :(

Back on the bus as it started raining

Necklace bought earlier at the market matched my bikini top :D

Third stop was The Straw Market, featuring hand-made jewelry and handicrafts made from straw or wood.

Went back to our room to a made bed and this :)

Stand-up comedy show on the cruise ship at night

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

It was my first time to a waterpark!!! (yes yes I had no childhood)

Didn't want my gadgets to get wet so I put everything away in the locker before we went to do the slides. Photos of the park and video of the slides below are stolen from the internet.

I was wondering why everyone screamed 2 seconds into the The Abyss Slide, turned out there was a 50-foot near vertical drop in darkness and I screamed louder than everyone wtf. While I was screaming and descending, water went in my nose and eyes and mouth and the next thing I knew, my entire body was underwater. I really thought I was gonna drown and threw my limbs in all directions in panic. After a while of struggling I managed to regain balance and stand up, and I quickly realized that the water wasn't deep at all. The safety guard at the side of the pool looked at me emotionless as if I was the most ridiculous tourist he had ever seen and signaled me to get out of the water so that the next person (which was WSK) could come down the slide. I felt so stupid wtf.

WSK secretly took a video of me watching the fish. I saw a huge manta ray of the size of 5 humans!!!

Took shutter bus to go back to the port

Look at what WSK was doing with his towel...

Went to the dining room for the first time (to claim my birthday cake). I was so surprised when a team of waitresses came out of nowhere to sing me birthday song while a waiter named "I Made" (for real) served us the cake! Found out he's from Indonesia, so we talked for a while in bahasa :)

Btw, I had been going for open-mic karaoke for the past few days... ;)

Left the cruise ship, headed to the airport and flew back to Madison happy and contented :)


  1. Boy you are having a lot of fun and exciting trips since you got your degree. Cruises are a LOT of fun. Too bad that the alcohol isn't free. I spent >$300 just on drinks when I went on a cruise. :-0 I had fun on my cruise, but I can't imagine the fun that I would have had if YOU were on my cruise!


    1. The trip was in 2013 (read the first sentence) which was a year before I got my degree...

    2. Oh yeah....I must have been in a hurry to skip to the bikini pics :-0