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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween: Freakfest 2014

I think I mentioned before, that Halloween is technically the only festival I bother celebrating and get excited about. But this year... bad planning, turned out so half-assed I don't even know what is there to blog about. Don't ask me what/who we were dressing up as, we couldn't tell either wtf.

This is the only photo I took the entire night. #nobattery #fml

See how bulky WSK was with five layers of clothes... smart move actually.

I only wore 3 layers and was complaining about the cold the whole time. #fml

Those were my hands in the pockets, if you noticed. #sibehcold

All WSK had to do to fit all of us in the photo was to take a few steps back.

But no one ever taught him that. He derived that a horizontal photo would do.

They were actually very cold. I know because WSK asked them. Lololol.

Listen to me Kylie. Don't care about what they say Kylie. You're beautiful like this.

Photos below are from Wisconsin State Journal.

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