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Friday, October 17, 2014

[Videos] Nosie doing cat things

I actually wanted to include these videos in the previous post but I figured that having 60+ cat photos in one post is already too much... so I put all videos of Nosie taken over the course of 2 months in a subsequent post instead wtf. These are all typical things cats do, just that Nosie did them cuter. #totallynotbiased

#1 - Resists falling asleep

#2 - Fascinated by strings

#3 - Bite bite bite bite bite

#4 - Plays fetch?

#5 - Chases his own tail

#6 - Licks his own tail

#7 - Begs for food

#8 - Attacks his human's feet

#9 - Suddenly falls asleep

#10 - Conquers a chair

#11 - Acts cute

#12 - Purrrrrs

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