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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Meet Nosie! ^..^ฅ

Listen, I don't care what you think... I waited long enough to have a pet cat again so I am going to put 60+ photos of my cutiepie into one post ˘⌣˘

But first let me tell you how I got Nosie?

Initially I planned to adopt an adult cat from DCFOF, a local cat shelter I paid a one-time visit 3 years ago (click HERE to recap). I didn't consider a kitten at first because 
  1. Adoption fee is $100 for a kitten and $60 for an adult cat
  2. The shelter will get the cats neutered/spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed and tested before adoption at no cost. However, kittens are usually too young to get all procedures done by the time of adoption, which means adopters will have to take their kittens to the vet when they are old enough. Vet bill $$$
  3. Kittens have weaker immune system = easier to get sick = vet bill $$$
  4. Ever heard of the term "kitten crazies"? Kittens are high-energy little creatures = trouble makers
  5. Kittens might not be fully potty-trained yet.

As I was browsing the catalog on DCFOF website, this cat named Jolly caught my attention:


And he is half orange half white = half Notty half Snow. Snow is this female cat my family sort of adopt after Notty passed, basically an outdoor cat who only comes to our shop to eat and sleep. My family feed her with raw chicken livers, in return she presents to my family all kinds of dead preys— birds, reptiles, snakes, squirrels... and then she ate them. My aunt claimed that Snow was pregnant a few times, but no one ever saw her kittens, so my aunt deduced that Snow ate all her kittens, since new-born kittens look like raw chicken livers. 

Okay back to Jolly.

It was June, and we were only moving to pet-friendly apartment in August, but I decided to give a try and see if I could "reserve" Jolly. So we went to their weekly adoption fair to meet Jolly and talk to the volunteers. When we met Jolly, he looked like this:

A volunteer told me Jolly was very stressed when he first arrived at the shelter he pulled at his own fur. I believed it's also because he already shed off his winter coat. I carried him out of the cage for a short while, then put him back in the cage and pet him. He seemed chill.

I expressed my intention of adopting Jolly. They said they couldn't hold the cat until we moved into our new apartment. They told me to send in adoption application first, if approved they would let me pick out a cat when it's nearer to the move-in date. 

So I sent in my application, and was approved within the next week. Ten days before our move-in date, they said it's time to pick out a cat! Jolly was still available, but was already sent to another shelter at Middleton. Inna, a DCFOF volunteer who also worked on campus as a research specialist gave me a ride to see Jolly again to confirm my choice. I had high expectations, but things didn't go as well. As soon as Jolly was let out of the cage, he went hiding on top of the cat tree at the corner of the room. 

I tried to win him over with the soft blink trick, didn't work. 10 minutes passed and he still refused to interact with me ಥ_ಥ The other volunteer explained that Jolly had been feral for 4 years before they rescued him, they thought it would be better for him to be adopted into a home with other cats since he preferred feline buddies over people.

Due to this, I went through their catalog again. Then I saw these super cute kittens:


Refrigerator and Ice Cream Scoop

Pan, Pot, Plate

And I was told that they would honor the price of upcoming Calapalatalazoo Catapalooza event— $20 for a kitten and FOC for an adult cat! At the that point I was willing to consider kittens, but had already arranged to meet a two-year-old calico named Molly. Her photos on the website:

When we arrived at Molly's foster parent's house, we found out that Porkchop was also there! Turned out Porkchop was Molly's son and was already 4-month-old:

We decided that we would adopt Porkchop as he was more playful, more friendly and cuter than his mom :3 (could be also due to his resemblance to Jolly, my first pick? I didn't realize it until I blogged this)

Since it was only 7 more days till our move-in date, they agreed to put a hold on him and told us we could have him once we settled down in our new apartment. I was so excited!

Two days before we moved in, I emailed them to settle on a time for Porkchop to be dropped off at our new apartment. Totally unexpected, Inna replied me that there's another pair of potential adopters interested in both Molly and Porkchop, and they would be given priority had they decided to adopt both Molly and Porkchop. I was advised to attend their upcoming adoption fair to pick out a "spare".

Imagine how I felt? I had been anticipating Porkchop's arrival since I last met him, now I was told the hold we placed on him might be overridden??? WHAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF PLACING A HOLD THEN?????

Overwhelmed by disappointment and anger, I broke down in tears :(

After a few hours, I composed myself and sent a polite email to ask why. Turned out it was because Sarah, the cats' foster parent, preferred not to separate Molly and her last kitten.

I told Rudy about it over FB chat and he shined a light:

"Did they mention beforehand that Molly and Porkchop are a bonded pair and should not be separated?"

No they didn't. They didn't indicate so on the website, nor when I scheduled for a meet-up, nor when I expressed my wish to adopt Porkchop alone. Normally once kittens wean off their mother, they part ways. I quickly wrote another rather angry email addressing this. In fact, I was prepared to talk directly to my "competitors" if they were still given the priority...

Realizing their mistake, DCFOF apologized and tried to steered my "competitors" to the adoption fair which was a day before their scheduled meet-up with Molly and Porkchop. It worked!!! They fell in love with two cats at the fair and I secured my ownership of Porkchop!!! *tears of joy*

Porkchop was delivered to our new apartment on August 16!

Exploring his new house

So cute T﹏T

I renamed him Nosie because he is such a curious (nosy) and vocal (noisy) kitten! He behaves almost like when I first adopted Notty (I think it's the "kitten crazies" all kittens share...), but way more disciplined (championship litter box skills, I then trained him to use the toilet) and loves being carried!

Seeking my attention. Those round eyes 

Scratching the carpet

Doing the typical cat thing— sit in a box

He spends a lot of time on the window perch I bought for him!

Just won't give up any chance he has to steal my seat.

And he doesn't care whether I am sitting on my chair

He likes to nap on me too

Sometimes he sleeps beside me

Do we look alike? :3

His soft fur against my bare skin 

He likes kicking these pompoms around and chasing them hehehe

Another nap spot

Watching cat tv

WSK's attempt to walk Nosie turned out this well. 3 steps from our door haha

"What do you want from me"

Pink harness because it's for me to look at

There was a bug resting on our wall at a height he couldn't reach

Shrieking at the bug

Look at his tail omg

Whiny face because I wouldn't stop kissing him when he tried to sleep!

Grumpily went to sit by the door hahaha

Did I say he's nosy? Supervising my bath time!

One time he slipped and fell into the water hahahahahhaha

Just won't let me poo in peace...


My scarf is warmer than yours 

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