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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

4 tattoos and counting

I know, I know, it's been 4 months since I last blogged. I don't even know how to write anymore. This is what not being in school and not being involved enough in academia field do to you...

Anyway, as the title says, I AM INKED!

I got my first two tattoos on 5/20, after I completed my last undergraduate project on 5/19.

I was surprisingly calm during the whole process. I guess if you had thought about doing something for 10 fucking years, you ought to feel relieved when you finally did it!

Bubble tea session with Cindy after I got my first two tattoos done!

Photo taken right after I un-bandaged at home

Cindy couldn't get hers done on the same day since the reference picture she brought along was a photo of a tattoo on somebody else; her tattoo artist had to design a customized piece for her. So two days later I went back to the tattoo shop with Cindy again to get her inked!

Quirky flash

Another quirky flash

Cindy teared up several times and said it was the most painful two hours in her life. I was thinking to myself, "wtf this woman why her pain tolerance so low???" Later I started watching Ink Master and only then I learned that rib cage is one of the spots where tattoos hurt most (°д°) omg lol. Sorry Cindy I have wronged you! (≧▽≦)

End result

Early stage of peeling. The itch was torture. I kept telling people that the actual hell is the aftercare.

Day 7. Wrinkly fine skin after the crusty layer peeled off.

Very thin crusty layer on this one

Very minimal peeling too

A month later, I got another tattoo to cover up the scar on my right foot.

Another month later, I got another tattoo on the inner side of my right foot to cover up the tiny stick-n-poke tattoo I did on the ankle bone some time before graduation.

Also added a pink ribbon to the existing cat tattoo to make it look less awkward. From my view (upside down) the cat looks like some sort of reptile wtf. Initially I wanted to add a blue rose to it and even emailed the design to my tattoo artist already, then I promptly changed my mind the night before my appointment... talk about spontaneity.

Freshly done. Made the cat's body slightly thicker too.

Healed. I love how the ribbon has faded into the soft, delicate look I asked for 

Alright, gotta address some questions I got asked a lot:

Did it hurt?
First session (ankh and 'gratitude') — felt like something pointy was scratching my skin hard.
Second session (silhouette cat) — the first few pokes were like ant bites, then pain level went to zero.
Third session (ribbon and lamp post) — probably low on adrenaline that day, it did hurt but nothing unbearable.

How much?
First session — $100
Second session — $70 (minimum rate)
Third session — $120
I gave 10% tips for all three sessions. 

Did you have your parents' permission?
Seriously??? Granted that I am already old enough to legally get tattooed, why would I need anyone's permission to do what I want to do with my body?
Anyway, my family do know that I've gotten tattoos. They are pretty much indifferent.

Why get tattooed?
This question is like "why dye your hair" or "why pierce your ears" to me: because I want to and I don't see why not? 

What if you regret one day?
Why would I? I spent enough time thinking about the designs I wanted until I was sure enough I want to wear these designs on my skin forever, so chances are good that I won't. Also, tattoos reach beyond their symbolism over time— they commemorate moments in a person's life and who the person was at the time the person got the tattoo. But say I really do start hating my tattoos one day... nah why worry about it now. I will get back to you when the day comes.

Do they have meanings?
Yes and no. Sweating out a whole fucking essay on what each of my tattoos means to me will only make it seem like I am trying too hard to "justify" them, so I will just leave it at this: the fact that I cared enough to have them tattooed on me alone gives them meanings. (meanwhile, why don't you check out this Buzzfeed post?)

--------------------------------- this line exists because I suck at transition ---------------------------------

All my tattoos were done by the Rude & Reckless Billy "FLIP" McCoy (second generation tattooer, graffiti writer, dead sexy) who has been tattooing for 10 years. You can go stalk him on Instagram @flipmccoy or go check out him website

General advice to tattoo virgins: It's important to do your homework beforehand and find a reputable shop! Also check out a tattooer's portfolio to make sure he or she is good at the style of the design you want to get. 

--------------------------------- this line exists because I suck at transition ---------------------------------

After I got my first two tattoos I became obsessed with this form of body art, and as I learned more this obsession quickly escalated into a full-scale wildfire... as a result I signed up as a tattoo designer on in July. Worked in a frenzy for a few weeks, earned a few hundreds, burned out, now taking a long break. 

Can't show you all designs I have produced so far, but here are a few!

~Abrupt end~

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  1. Not bad. (But any tattoos near your privates, and I refuse to touch them) :-0