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Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy 23rd birthday!

Went to Farmer's Market for the first time (shaddup) with Fly and Kylie!

Tried this spicy cheese bread for the first time. Spicy meh? #angmohstandard

Nasi lemak prepared by Kylie and mua for my birthday party guests

Birthday gifts to myself. The rabbit thing is a solid perfume stick!

Another birthday gift to myself. #bestlipbalmonmarket

Kylie bought me this cup I'd been eyeing on for a while!!! Major love!!!

From YeeHoon and JiaBin. Because I say WTF a lot wtf.

From Cindy. Haha so dreamy this girl

From Alex and Tze Min

From Anna

Promise ring from WSK  The pale pink hue of morganite is so gorgeous 


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