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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Graduated - B.S. in Genetics with Honors ★

Achievement unlocked: Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics with Honors in Research ★

*throw confetti*

Yet I have to pay $40 to rent the gown and another $40 for this photo.

Wanted to get photos on Abe's lap on the day before commencement, but the queue was already so freaking long and I was like NO WAYYY I'm not gonna waste my time waiting in line (our friends waited in line for 2 hours plus). Therefore we fooled around and took some awesome photos with the help of my newly purchase 52" tall camera stand and my camera's smile recognition auto-shoot mode, another feature which I only found out after using the camera for um... 2 years ◉_◉

Taken all by myself. Selfie level: EXPERT. Hair style: Broom.

Didn't bother to iron my rented gown.

Please adore the beauty of the DNA helix earrings which I already returned to Amazon wtf.

Graduation cap decoration style: Humblebrag. Must list out my achievement in case people dunno wtf.

My hair color is sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Self-dyed one, talented hor? Lololol.

Lincoln statue at the back. The line went down half the hill wtf.

You probably can't tell since our tassels looked almost identical but in fact we graduated from different colleges. Jia Bin and Yee Hoon were in College of Letters and Science (tassel color: golden yellow) whereas I was in College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (tassel color: maize). 

...which also means that although both Yee Hoon and I were wearing the Honors stoles, we were actually doing different Honors programs. (Honors in Major vs Honors in Research...?)

Mandatory cap-throwing session.

Best shot after a few attempts.

My hand pose was awesome and the other two didn't even care where their caps were going.

Jumping shot failed.

This one is... semi-successful.

"I DID IT!" shot which didn't turn out as what I was expecting.

This one was the first and only attempt which turned out awesome. Graduate. Meditate. Levitate.

No idea what they were trying to convey ☉_☉

With the help of a camera stand I can totally go do some one-man-show photoshooting sessions already!

Somehow my camera can take better photos on its own than when WSK is operating it wtf.

Then went to Allen Centennial Garden for more photos.

"Welcome to my kingdom!"

Accidental shot which turned out rather romantic wtf.

W for Wisconsin

I didn't have bare legs to show cuz it was freaking cold and I dressed very warm underneath.

Does this tree look familiar? It was the same tree I camwhored on HERE.

Then the next day commencement totally happened. Took me 30 minutes to get to Camp Randall on foot because Bus 80 didn't show up. Sibeh 喘 but managed to arrive right before the ceremony started!

First time and will probably be my last time at Camp Randall. #notafootballfan #imeanhandegg

It was also the first outdoor commencement UW-Madison held in 25 years.

Inthuja: "Eh look at Chris' handmade DNA tassel!" 
Me: "Cheh he only has one, I have two DNA helix earrings!"
Chris: "Like that you win liao lor."

But first, let me take a selfie.

That blondie at the back looked disgusted by dunno what hehehehe.

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Class of 2014

Since students didn't get to walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, someone started a petition to get 'Jump Around' incorporated into the ceremony, therefore leading to early announcement of the decision to play the song during the ceremony which initially was intended to be a surprise for the graduates.

I got teary-eyed several times throughout, thinking of how far I've come and feeling immensely grateful...

I'll probably elaborate more on this in another sentimental post... or not.

When the ceremony was about to end I texted WSK and told him to come over. After he reached he called me several times, but I was in line to get a photo with the Dean and had my phone on silent. When I called him back he was fuming mad (or sounded so):

"Can you FUCKING pick up your phone I called you for FUCKING 10 TIMES???" (repeat 10 times in different sentence structures)

I explained that I was in line and had to fill up a form for the photo and was carrying stuff in both my hands etc (in short, I WAS BUSY AND IT WAS INCONVENIENT). But he insisted I should have checked my phone and replied him a text telling him where to find me. Then we fought a little over the phone and via texts. It was a mess cuz the venue was flooded with graduates and their families and friends and everyone was trying to find everyone. While waiting for Kitty to come get me I started feeling terrible about everything. When he found me I was already secretly shedding tears behind my shade. 

YET he continued to blame me in very annoyed/irritated tone, with raised volume, for not picking up the phone to tell him where to meet up and letting him wait in the crowd outside Camp Randall. 

I took off my shade in slow-motion.

"... why are you crying??? What is there to cry for?..." 


"All my friends have their families with them and I only have you yet you went and cut your hair like a pineapple, refused to attend my commencement and told me to text you only when it's almost over, then swore at me and raised your volume when you couldn't reach me by phone. I couldn't reach you too right after your commencement, did I even complain a single word??? Once you found me you told me your feet hurt from walking too much and wanted to call a cab to go home. I haven't even taken any photo with my pals??? Why did you come here at all? You ruined everything!!!" *burst out crying*


"You should have told me it's important to you, I didn't know..." *looking all innocent*

"Why do you think I asked you to attend my commencement for SIX times even after you refused to if it's not important...???" 

"How I know oh I didn't even want to attend my own commencement and fell asleep during the ceremony..."

"I don't mind that you were not there sitting through the whole ceremony but why must you be so bossy and all when you couldn't reach me? If I didn't pick up the first time you called it means I was busy and couldn't pick up so what for you kept calling and calling then blamed me for not picking up??? Of course I will call you back once I can right? When I couldn't reach you after your commencement ended did I ever show any attitude???..."

After the conversation looped a few time I finally managed to get him notice his mistake. While trying to calm me down, he noticed the little bump on my nose (I hadn't grown any zit in a thousand years and suddenly a giant one popped up on my nose the day before commencement. fml) and went to RUB IT REAL HARD.


"Pimple ah? Why suddenly grow pimple one. Hehehehe"

"Why your hand so itchy!!! Now the concealer are all rubbed off!!!"

"It was pink and I was curious what was underneath mah hehehehehehe"

I gave him a deadly stare.

"Wait where is the balloon Kylie bought for me?"

He pulled out a string.


"The balloon detached from the string when I was walking here. Flew away liao." 

Then he gave me a bright grin.

Did I owe him anything in our past lives or what?...

Anyway after I was done crying we went to join the Malaysian pack for photos. 
(wait. why does it sound like I am a lunatic ಠ_ಠ I AM NOT.)

My face pretty much sums up how I feel about this creature standing beside me.

He thought if he stood behind me people wouldn't be able to see his ugly hair.

Both the bouquet and the Bucky plush were bought by Kylie for Christopher lol.

The red stole on Christopher was a Distinction stole, which graduates with distinctive academic performance are qualified to wear (i.e. solely based on cGPA). Apparently the school website stated that if you qualify for both Distinction and Honors stoles, you wear the Honors one (this was what Yee Hoon told me, blame her if the info was wrong). It makes sense I guess, since if you're in Honors Program you have to maintain a certain cGPA while taking harder classes and doing extra work (assignments and/or research projects). But one of our Malaysian pals actually wore BOTH stoles and this poked on my kiasu-ness a little ☉_☉ like, how did he even manage to claim two stoles from the bookstore??? I didn't see anyone else wearing both stoles leh wtf.

with Fly!

God is fair— I am hotter than Kylie but her boyfriend is hotter than mine hahahahahahahahahaha wtf XD

Why did I look right at the camera?

And I was the only one with brown hair.

Ok lazy to add captions already.

The line to climb onto Abe's lap got even longer on the commencement day and the day after. According to my friend who had to leave town before Monday (we had to return our gowns by 7PM on Monday), the wait time was close to 3 hours. ಠ_ಠ

I decided to go at 5AM on Monday to avoid waiting in line.

Kitty: "Must I go with you..."

Me: "Yes." 

Kitty: "Can you go on your own..."

Me: "Then who's gonna help me get onto Abe's lap?!" 

Kitty: "But I want to sleep... T﹏T"

In the end I stayed up the whole night to complete my last undergraduate project and woke him up at 6.30AM.

While I was on Abe's lap, two graduates from China and a parent showed up... Guess I wasn't the only one who didn't want to waste my life waiting in line.

Having suffered from Kitty's horrendous photography skills several times before, I told him to press the shutter button to end the video recording, leave the camera as it was (on the stand), switch to photo-shooting mode and take a few photos of me. I thought I gave perfect instructions and nothing could go wrong.

Little did I know...

Not only that he didn't notice/care that the camera had slightly dropped to one side (fine I take this as my own fault, I didn't screw it tight enough), HE ALSO DIDN'T BOTHER TO ZOOM IN...


Me: "... do you think I want photos of ME or photos of the building taken???..." 

Kitty: "How would I know???"

Me: "... do you have common sense???..." 

Kitty: "Don't expect me to know what you want! You didn't say must zoom in."

Kitty:  "How I know you want me to zoom in oh. You didn't ask me to? I thought you wanted it that way." *shrug*

Never mind la I zoom in myself using photo-editing program la ಥ_ಥ

Okay can still see my face after I zoom in to 10% of the original size, not bad la hor?

~Abrupt end~

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  1. Congrats! Really, I knew that you would make it. get job....or go on for for an MS or Ph.D.....

    (Don't work for the US Gov making humanoids!) :-0