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Monday, May 12, 2014

MSA Graduation Night '14

MSA = Malaysian Students Association.

Time flies isn't it? I just blogged about MSA Graduation Night '13 three months ago and now it's my turn.

Hadn't seen Hui Jen since 2 years ago wtf. Which was why I sat beside her throughout the night.
Kylie already graduated but came back to attend this.

Ladies of the night

Kylie was damn mad cuz I said her dress looked like sarong batik and people actually agreed hahahahaha

with Jia Bin and Yee Hoon

Anna couldn't stand still lol

with Xiaowen and Anna

Had been using this camera for 2 years, just found out about this soft skin mode. #fail

The effect is actually just meh, I don't like how it softens my nose bridge.

No idea what happened to my right eye in this photo. Triple eyelids wtf.

Can you tell that I was having a bigass candy in my mouth?

Last selfie! Let's continue with group photos.

Wait, here is a group selfie wtf.

photobombed by Alex

with the photobomber

with Chew Wei aka spongebob

with Chris

with le boyfriend

...whose hairstyle is hopeless

But I guess his dimples make up for the hopeless hairstyle?

Proven fact: You don't have to be extra good-looking to get a gorgeous girlfriend. Lololol.

Received recognition for my make-up skills. I knew I would win this title wtf.

Must be because of all the Halloween make-up service I gave to people. Click here and here for proofs lol.
Upon receiving that piece of paper...
Professor (from Singapore?): "You look prettier without make-up!"
Not sure if he was complimenting my natural beauty or insulting my make-up skills ಠ_ಠ

Whoever did this need to learn proper photo-editing skills from me.
(perhaps also the basics of art, to know what font color to choose wtf)

One of the many "but first, lemme take a selfie" moments during the night

Another one. Sorry I wasn't supportive wtf.

Congratulations to UW-Madison's graduating class of 2014 (Malaysians)!

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