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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Song ruined: Self

So I got bored and made the first ever self-recorded YouTube cover. Yay achievement unlocked.

Please use earphones for higher clarity. Also for my flaws to sound more obvious wtf.

And yes the title is in English although the song is in Mandarin. Not that I translate the title.

Cheer Chen is 陈绮贞's English name, for some reason the font fucked up when I included Chinese characters, hence I substitute with her English name.

Apparently my nostrils dilate when I sing. I have no idea how to control them. And my eyes started to look droopy after the first chorus because I was looking at the lower part of the lyrics on screen. Didn't know it's hard to sing and avoid looking too ugly at the same time ಠ_ಠ I felt like my facial muscles were paralyzed wtf.

我的尾音不是不够气,我学孙燕姿的特色ok?只不过学不到家而已 (画圈圈)

Also I'm not sick or anything I do sound nasal when I sing because... nasal resonance.

Omg why is this post full of self-defense.

No wonder I haven't become a professional singer.

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