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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mood swings

There is something to be said about the surrealism of listening to songs that remind you of beach and penthouse parties while you are actually at home, putting on layers to keep warm whilst trying to churn out some homework so that you don't miss any deadlines.

Have you ever noticed how melancholy feelings seem to just come and go? The roller-coaster that seems to go on within your rib cage. At one point, you feel like angels have lent you their wings, and you could just stretch every feather and reach for the skies. While on another, you crave for the very ground that your feet stand on to cave in and swallow you whole, demanding that you suffocate and inhale dirt while you cast your gaze on the fast disappearing sun.

I dream of the ability to just swim in my emotions, to take a look around and wonder, how exactly is it possible for one to feel the clashes of the irony of each feeling. At every corner, you might find a new sensation and head towards pure bliss; but take a wrong corner, you might end up in anxiety.

All I know to do now is to sense my emotions. I don't know yet how to explore them fully. I'm basically at the tip of my emotional iceberg. Although admittedly, there are some that I am so immersed in that I might spew heart-strings.

Never forget the taste of what's delicious, for when you take away the sweetness, what's left is the sour.

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