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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Graduation! (Kitty and Rudy)

I hope you could tell from my distorted face how miserably cold I was. My bangs was fucked up too ughhh
Kitty's ridiculous outfit was another indication how cold it was. Hats off to you, Rudy.

Rudy's hat is a masterpiece isn't it? Bucky (our mascot) was drawn by mua! *smug*

I still feel like laughing at the mere thought of what happened the night before commencement (for the record, I died laughing several times already, a few minutes each time). So Rudy came over to my place to have his facial hair shaven. Halfway shaving...

Rudy : Didn't know you have experience with shaving beard.
Me    : I don't.
Rudy :
Me    :
Rudy : 
Me    : I have experience shaving pubes though. 
Rudy :
Me    : Your beard is so coarse, kinda feel like pubes.
Rudy : 

After that we were decorating his hat together. He printed two copies of maps, one small and one big. He had already cut out the smaller version but it didn't look nice on the hat, so he decided to use the bigger version. When he was halfway cutting out the continents of the bigger version, he saw this thing on my table:

Rudy : What the heck is this.
Me    : Let me show you. *pick up a piece of continent and demonstrate cutting through it*
(OMG I'm laughing so hard right now my hands are shivering I can't type)
Rudy : *shocked* WHY DID YOU CUT THROUGH MY ISLANDS???!!!!
Me    : *in the calmest tone ever, poker-faced* Do I look like I care?
Rudy : ......

After a while Rudy was done trimming so he started sticking the continents onto his hat. Kitty came out of the room.
Kitty : This is neat.
Rudy : See what your girlfriend did. *show Kitty the small cut through one of the continents*
Me    : *pause* Huh? What did I do???
Kitty : 
Rudy : 
Me    : *sudden realization* OMG did I cut the one you're using??!!!
Rudy : YES
Me    : ... oh fuck
Rudy : 
Me    : I thought that piece was from the one you're throwing away...
Rudy : No wonder la, I was like, why so mean???
Me    : 
Rudy : You were like, "Do I look like I care?"
Me    : 


Fixed my bangs. My hair color is sweeeeeeeeeet

Kitty looked like he was wearing a wizard robe wtf. And he wasn't wearing shade, his pricey fancy glasses darken when exposed to UV rays. No honors carton (the red thing Rudy was wearing) for him although his cGPA is high, because he transferred from University of Washington-Bothell and doesn't have enough credits in UW-Madison to qualify for Distinction.

Some random snow flakes photos taken while going up Bascom Hill:

And some photos of me:

Google did this Auto Awesome effect on my photo omfg. Now my other photos look so boring -_-

Yeah I went home right after the commencement to change into my warmest winter jacket.

Can't decide which one is more adorable, my pretty face or my talent in photo-editing lololol. #humblebrag

Bye! xoxo

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