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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye, 2013

2013 has been an eventful and fruitful year!

In January I was back in Malaysia, and I removed 3 wisdom teeth within a week. The one shown this photo was the most horrible one. Unlike in the states, dentists in Malaysia normally performed wisdom tooth surgery without putting the patients to sleep... I couldn't feel it during the procedure, but a few hours after I got home the anesthesia effect started wearing off and extreme pain started kicking in, spreading to the whole left side of my face down my throat. It was more painful than the most painful dysmenorrhea episode I ever had, I was downing pain killer pills until my stomach couldn't take it anymore and I eventually threw up. Thankfully Kitty and WanYu were at my house that night, their presence made the pain more tolerable (and laugh-able too, the way I was weeping and moaning next to a bag full of cotton wool soaked in blood).

A week later I went back to remove the stitches and the second wisdom tooth (thank God it was just a simple extraction, no surgical complications). Apparently the dentist did the stitches very tightly (as the wound was big) and they got buried inside my partially healed wound. WITHOUT ANESTHESIA or warning he started digging the stitches out and pulling them off REAL HARD. It was so painful it felt like I blacked out, then he proceeded to extract my upper wisdom tooth. When I got into the car I finally recovered from shock and started crying.

Extraction of the third wisdom teeth another few days later was therefore literally painless I felt nothing and did not have to take any pain killer afterwards.

In January I also went to Japan for the first time, and visited Tokyo Disneyland during our 17-hour layover!

In February I received the first bouquet of real flowers in my life on Valentine's Day. Also attended Plan B's 4th Annual Underwear Party (featuring Andrew Christian's models), did not and will not blog about it :P

In March we visited Walt Disney World and I bought myself a Duffy bear.

We also visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the other parts of the Universal's Islands of Adventure!

In April I performed with Chris and Rudy during MSA Graduation Night.

In May I documented the epic drama of how a thief cyber-bullied her poor roommate in this post which has accumulated 400+ views so far, and provided further insight (analysis + screenshots of direct confrontation) in this sequel post. Thank you to those of you who were willing to spend time reading my posts to find out the truth. Thank you to those of you who took the effort to tell me that I was doing the right thing. Thank you to those of you who sent me screenshots of Facebook posts which I had lost access to without me asking for it. Thank you to those of you who helped pointing out the loopholes. Because of you all I got to know that I wasn't alone in this fight for justice, and my faith in humanity has been further restored. Thank you 

I also went on a laid back cruise trip to Bahamas with Kitty! Will blog about it.... sooooon.

In June I blogged that I'm a 28E, for real (bra-fitting guide) and the post has gotten 2k+ views by now. I also uploaded a silly video of me making cat noises and acting ding dong, which was then featured on owned by the blogger who wrote Why I Regret Getting Straight 1A's in SPM that kinda went viral on Facebook among Malaysian students some time back. I dedicate a post to him when I have the time, stay tuned if you are curious how we got to know each other and eventually became rather close friends. On my birthday I published SENSATION which contains photos of me wearing a bikini top and my friend Wei Ting wearing a monokini, taken in summer 2012 by Shih Yuin. I also had a birthday blast in Chicago with people whom I wrongly placed my trust in but have forgiven, and events that happened have changed my views towards certain topics since then.

In July I wrote this letter to Notty on the first anniversary of his death, and without me realizing it I have then forgiven myself. Also, Kitty came back after his 6-week stay in Brazil, we had this talk and I then concluded in this post (published in August) that "The One" is not "the perfect partner" but rather "the person you commit to".

In August I started blogging bi-daily and also finally cleared my blog debts of 2011/2012 winter vacation. I participated in Electric Run with Kitty too!

In September Kitty and I (and later, Rudy too) earned a new friendship that we treasure a lot. A month later we started spending almost every weekend together. This person is kinda モテる so to avoid complications I'm not gonna mention name here :P And Google Translate doesn't work for the Japanese expression I used in the previous sentence, you might want to save your time and energy lololol. Also cleared my blog debts of WA trips made in January 2012!

In October I started having gallstone attacks but have solved the problem (until now it hasn't recurred) using natural flush method. Read the whole story HERE. Also attended Freakfest (annual Halloween street party) again, this time with a different group of people. Missed CocoRosie's concert due to human error (.....), ended up visiting The Fear Haunted House in Chicago on the actual Halloween day and spent a homeless/sleepless night there.

November was probably the busiest and most stressful month ever in my life so of course, blogging had to go on hiatus. My laptop experienced hard disk failure when I needed it the most, luckily 1) I had 12 days of warranty left so the repair was free 2) I had a back-up of everything in my external hard disk 3) thanks of our college library I got to borrow MacBook Pro for that one whole week when  hence I was able to complete my highly time-specific work. Nevertheless, I still suffered frequent panic episodes and I still had no idea how I survive so many heart attacks (metaphorically) within that short period.

In December I was finally done with my finals (and the semester, too). Kitty and Rudy graduated, I attended their commencement (which was fucking boring).

And then before I realized it 2013 has come to an end ☉_☉

All I can say is this: I have become a better person than I was at the beginning of the year and I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities I have been given and everything I have been allowed to achieve thus far, especially as much of it has required others to place their confidence in me. I do not take this lightly, and I am determined to work harder (and smarter) in 2014!

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