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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Motorboating in the name of "charity"

(eww. I still feel disgusted looking at the thumbnail of this video even though his face is mostly blocked by the YouTube logo...)

Did your own research if you don't seem to know what's going on. I don't wanna be the one to brief you on it because it's impossible for me to do it objectively without loathing them and what they did in that earlier video (they deleted it from their channel, but you can still find it on the internet). Also, apparently these 3 guys involved make a living by teaching guys how to pick up then dump girls— some of you supporters of pick up artists might want to sugar coat it and call them relationship gurus in defense, well, this is not the main thing I want to address here so let's not argue about this *shrug*

Back to the topic. Don't bother leaving me comments if your arguments are gonna be somewhat along the lines of
"Who cares how they made the donation? Charity is charity!" 
"I don't get why the big fuss, the women involved are consenting adults."
"Will you all still be so against this had it been a video of three women doing similar act to raise awareness for prostate cancer?"

I've read many similar debates. Surprise me with something new.

Stitching together some succinct arguments I came across, this is why I abhor their act:
Tethering women's health to humiliating women is not a sustainable or thematically coherent fundraising model. The act alone might not be inherently a problem, but in a public "bro high-five" manner it is rightfully seen as a punchline— this ultimately trivializes and needlessly sexualizes women's health. The sexualization of breast cancer perpetuates the objectification and dehumanization of women and their breasts, ultimately perpetuating violence against women, which hurts the cause of women's health overall, even if it brings in research funding.
These guys could have just donated the money, but they wouldn't— until some women willingly humiliated themselves to earn their donation.

Smart move actually, I could see some women felt uncomfortable with the idea (don't try to convince me that the awkwardness shown in their expressions and gestures was mere shyness), however in the name of "charity" they were somehow guilted into satisfying these guy's disguised sly motive that comes abreast of their good intentions. It's not hard to guess that these guys must have their requests rejected or even criticized by many women too, but of course they wouldn't include those scenes in the video, for obvious reasons. And if their main purpose was not to gain fame but to "raise awareness", why couldn't they come out with a more proper, appropriate, respectful idea?

Trash, utter complete trash.

Yet the spokesman tried to belittle the big tide of opposing voices which was powerful enough to have their donation rejected by calling them "a tiny minority of haters" lolololololol I can't even

This quote is so useful I decided to make this for convenience.

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