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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween: Haunted House

Okay. Initially I was reluctant to make public the reason we ended up in Chicago on Halloween, but you know what, since this lesson costs me $64.60 I might as well paste the bill here.

I forgot whether I mentioned it before— so a few months ago I bought 2 tickets to Cocorosie's concert in Chicago, while WSK was still in Brazil. I didn't buy the bus tickets at once because I didn't know whether we would want to stay overnight in Chicago, which had to depend on our midterm schedule etc.

Last month I bought the bus tickets. WSK insisted not to skip any class hence

Departure time: Thursday, Oct 31 right after WSK's afternoon class
Return time: Friday, Nov 1 right before WSK's morning class

When WSK came home for lunch break a few hours before the departure time, I logged in to my hotmail, wanted to forward him the e-tickets so that he could print them out when he headed out. Then only I realized...




which means...


I never felt so immensely stupid... not even when I scored 24/100 in an ochem midterm.

How did the wrong date "Oct 31" hijack my mind I COULDN'T EVEN
(but it also showed how much I actually cared for the concert... which was... not very much...)

As expected, WSK's reaction was

... facepalm. Literally. (which is like, his standard reaction to every stupid things I do/say)

He was probably secretly happy about it though, he actually didn't really want to go to this concert, he only agreed to go because I wanted him to accompany me~~

Anyway, since I already paid $66 for the bus tickets (not refundable), I decided we should spend our Halloween in Chicago to make the money spent well worth. Even though it meant that we would have to spend more while in Chicago, at least I could get some... um, psychological compensation...

Then we had a spontaneous mini adventure in Chicago.

4-hour bus ride, had dinner at McDonalds at the Union Station, went to Navy Pier to visit so-claimed "the best" haunted house in Chicago which we queued up for 30 minutes (as seen in the video) then went through the whole thing within 5 minutes without letting out a single scream, watched a stupid movie "Don Jon" which was about a typical average guy named Don Jon and his addiction to pornography, went to line up outside The Underground only to find out that it was some sort of exclusive club for rich men (you can only get in if you're on the list or intend to get a table; according to one of the bouncers, getting a table = opening a bottle = minimum $300 are you f—) which explained why it could get its title "The Sexiest Club in Chicago" (indeed those chicks coming in and out the club were legit bombshells), walked back to Union Station and found out it's closed, wandered around nearby looking for somewhere warm, experienced what it felt like to be homeless in cold weather, took shelter inside McDonalds until Union Station opened again, 3-hour bus ride back to Madison.

Attended morning classes, came home, crashed.

That was how we ended our October. Pretty memorable, I'd say.

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