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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bitstrips Comics!

For those of you who don't already know, Bitstrips is an app that turns you and your friends into a cast of cartoon characters, which can then be customized and put into crazy scenes. Users are asked to build their avatars by selecting all of the usual physical features, including skin color, hair style and body shape. You can then place your digital doppelgänger in any one of thousands of different, daily updated templates of scenes, choose whether to include some Facebook friends in the cartoon, add dialogues and captions, then share the image on various social networks. It's been around since 2008, but the reason Bitstrips is having its big moment right now is because it launched that iOS app just about a month ago!

I found it especially fun when I came across relevant templates I could use to illustrate what happened between WSK and I hehehehehe

Cat-lover versus Dog-lover

I hope this is adequate to explain to you the mess in my room...

...which at one point looked something like this. Yep.

One of his favorite pass-time is to tickle me to death.

Eyeball-licking is very common in Japan. I've been defending my eyeballs' virginity since he came across this...

This requires no explanation.

This too. But I just wanna clarify that I do pay for food too!!!

What happened when we were lining up for The Fear Haunted House at Navy Pier. 'Course I won *smug*
Most of the time when this happened he'd go, "Look at my face. Do I look like I care?"

He can go many days without showering, and looks as if someone poured a bowl of cereal on his head...

When he plays League of Legends and has his teammate on skype...

I replaced the jam jar with Nutella using MTXX. Yeah I eat Nutella with spoon and just finished a jar lol

Madison already had its first snow of the season in October can you believe it

I was just clicking around then found out the newspaper she (I?) was holding could be removed hehehehe

(wsk: "why it is your pussy that is talking" HAHAHAHA OMG)

This one is naked by default lololol. No idea what it's about...

Me in social situations when I dunno the majority of the crowd well :/

Some of the templates don't make sense to me, like this one...

Only if this is in real life T﹏T paradise

Gotta sleep. お休みなさい~

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