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Monday, October 21, 2013

Walt Disney World ⋅ Magic Kingdom (Day 2)

(March 2013) The next day after visiting Universal's Islands of Adventure we continued to explore the rest of Magic Kingdom! 

OOTD which you will not see anymore in the rest of this post.

Waiting at the bus stop. New cheap sneakers bought in a Disney merchandise store next to our hotel.

My feet were so sore after two days of torture, I couldn't even make it to the bus stop in the pink boots you saw in the OOTD photo! I could feel my bones burning in flame with each step I took and I literally had tears in my eyes on the way from our room to the hotel lobby. IT WAS REALLY THAT BAD, and crazy it may sound, most of the pain came from the first day when I wore these boots, not from the heels I wore the previous day— wearing heels on the previous day did add more pain to my feet though, but at least only to some specific parts and not the whole palms of my feet! I think it was because the boots were tight and the soles were very thin... When I wore them to school it was all fine, but they were definitely not made to protect your feet when you spent more than 12 hours straight walking and standing in queues. 

Lesson: ALWAYS bring along the comfiest sneakers you own on long trips!!!

The blue sneakers you see above were not of the best qualities but the soles were slightly cushioned, which was already all I could ask for that time. My feet felt so relieved in them! Still ached a little but at least I could walk without letting out cries every time my feet landed on the ground!

Proofs of Kitty's terrible skills in taking photos ಥ_ಥ okay it might sound demanding that I want to the castle to be in the middle of the photo, not tilted and not blocked by our heads while not getting our faces cropped off (not to mention big gap between our heads or unprepared facial expressions), but for god's sake he was using front camera!!!?!? And you ask why I made him take the photo then? Because of our height difference! My hand is too short to get both of us and the castle in the photo. Ask someone else? Ughh. I would if we were in HK or Japan! I bet you a random American's photography skills can be worse than Kitty (experience talk) so... forget it. 

I gave up and settled with this. Castle was tilted but I corrected it using MTXX.

又来装嫩 hahahaha

Photobombed by a pig wtf.

We were queuing up for Peter Pans Flight (which was very kiddo and just so-so) in the above self-shots. It was the first ride we went for on that day, and we waited in the queue for almost... 2 hours?! As we got nearer to the front of the queue we figured out the reason... 

The crew let through FASTPASS riders and regular riders at a ratio of 7:1


When we were walking towards another ride, an young, obese angmoh mother who was pushing two baby strollers side by side as if the road belongs to her rolled one of the wheels over my toes when she attempted to cut ahead of me. CCB blind or what?! I let out a loud cry and turned to stare at her, expecting for an apology but she just looked away and pretended nothing happened!!!!!!@#$%

Can a mother like this raise her children right you tell me. You tell me!!!

That's not just it. Later when I was waiting for Kitty outside the restrooms, I saw two kids running happily towards their parents who had been waiting for them outside. The elder kid (around 5 y/o) told the mother, "mommy I took a poo!" 

The young mother shouted back with an annoyed face (not jokingly), "You know what, I DON'T CARE."

The kid just chuckled and quickly followed behind his parents.

I sat there, stunned. I fear for these innocent children's future in the hands of these adults, I really do.


Managed to capture sun rays using phone camera *smug* (btw, did you notice something fluffy? :D)

Spotted at the queue area for a wet ride

Jeng jeng jeng off we went!

Who was that alien beside me Ծ_Ծ

Bangs or (seemingly) without bangs makes a big difference eh?

Kitty purposely requested me to take this photo. Retarded -_-

At night we stayed to watch the entire fireworks~*~~**
(we left halfway on Day 1 to avoid getting trapped in massive human traffic)