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Monday, October 7, 2013

Some old dramas

People never fail to surprise me. Only if these people don't read my blog, you will surely have a nice time reading all the intriguing details how crazy those scandals can be, and how funny I've been a psycho magnet all my life.

Not that I'm complaining though... free amusement, free amusement babe. :)

Anyway I'm in the mood of spilling some stories and since very few people read my blog nowadays, here goes:

  1. There was this one guy who came to me and said he didn't know what he should do to stop this good friend whom he stuck with everyday from liking him. His reason for still sticking with and giving attention to her all the time: after he rejected her romantic pursuits, she cried and begged him on the phone for an hour. Since all she asked for was simple (which was to continue sticking together), he agreed to it. Btw, I also know that before she confessed, they used to write each other letters everyday and the contents were pretty suggestive. (how did I know? well, never talk about private stuff in the toilet, you never know who else are behind those closed doors eavesdropping)

  2. I witnessed this classmate cheat in an exam. He copied nearly the whole paper from another friend seated beside him; my BFF#1 almost reported him but we are both peace-lovers (lol whaaat) so we decided against it. When this classmate texted me and said he was worried for his result of another paper, I replied sarcastically and humiliated his dishonest behavior. He gave excuses to justify his action (which I ignored). Later that night, he posted a blog post dedicated to me, basically sneering at my definition of fairness and righteousness (i.e. bashing me for being a morality snob— my god, if I was really being one, I would have reported him myself amid the cheating act). Ended up that friend who voluntarily helped him didn't do very well, which means a lot of the answers he copied was wrong, and as soon as he found out cheating didn't reward him a decent score, he slammed his exam paper on that friend's table and (jokingly?) blamed her for not doing as well as she did before.

  3. My BFF#2 borrowed a thick, hardly attainable book from a friend, and to her terror that book went missing all of a sudden. She asked around and the whole class denied to have seen that book. During recess time, my very smart BFF#1 suggested to check a few suspects, so they returned to the classroom and found that book in the bag of one of the suspects. They didn't want to involve school authorities (we are all peace lovers!) so BFF#2 just claimed that book back without telling anyone. After recess time ended, the thief came back and realized that the book was gone, and in panic she informed her pack. BFF#1 and BFF#2 overheard their conversation, hence confirmed that that girl wasn't framed— she really was the culprit. Apparently her pack knew about the theft too but lied to BFF#2 when she asked if they had seen the book. Whether it was mere greed or they attempted to put BFF#2 in trouble (since that book wasn't hers) remained unknown.

  4. The thief still hypocritically pretends to be a good friend to BFF#2, but fortunately to not much avail.

  5. The thief and the friendzoned girl in story #1 are the same person. The guy in story #1 and the classmate in story #2 are the same person, too. Surprise surprise. The generous girl in story #2 was slightly mentioned in the wordiest post on this blog. (not gonna link here, if you've been my reader long enough you should know which post... her appearance is at 4 paragraphs above fliptable.jpg. In that post, I mentioned there are two more stories to tell. Now my debts are clear!)

Want more stories? Only with demands come supplies :P

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