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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Natural gallbladder flush

Three weeks ago, I started having stomachaches after dinners, and the pain lasted the whole night until I went to bed. At first I didn't give much thoughts on it since I did get digestion problems once in a while, so I thought it was either lactose intolerance* or something to do with the refrigerated food. It wasn't long before the recurrence pattern got my attention and on Thursday night, I had a major one, it was so bad I couldn't even do anything else except laying on bed mewling. Kit gathered my symptoms, did a quick search on the almighty internet and immediately figured out what it was.

*do you know studies claimed that at least 80% of southeastern asians are lactose intolerant? sucks if you love milk and/or cheese... but helps you stay healthier I guess? Since studies also showed that dairy products are generally bad for us. Idk! So many contradicting findings everywhere nowadays and I'm too lazy to dig into every finding I come across so let me just believe in what I choose to believe in and depend on Law of Attraction wtf.

Symptoms I had:
  • pain starts suddenly in the center of the upper belly and spreads to the right upper back
  • abdominal pain so intense that you can't sit still or find a comfortable position
  • the pain prevents you from taking normal or deep breath
  • occurs after meals, may be accompanied with heartburn
  • chest pain when wake up in the morning

After researching further we were certain that I was having a blocked bile duct, i.e. gallstone attacks.

And all I knew was I did not want to get sent to the ER and have my gallbladder removed. People with no gallbladder have to follow a strict diet (no spicy food, no caffeine, no heavy meals etc.) and worst is the removal of gallbladder doesn't solve the problems! It's the LIVER that is producing the stones, gallbladder is just storing the stones and the attack happens when a duct gets blocked.

(if you doubt anything I say, just do your own research, I'm not gonna site sources in this post— I spent hours and hours reading research papers, personal experiences, academic debate etc, it's impossible for me to track back each and every one. Also I'm not gonna attach gruesome images here, google it yourself)

Anyway, I came across this home remedy called gallbladder flush, the reviews were mostly positive so I decided to give it a try. I was desperate that time so I did it straight away without digging deeper into it.

I already have extra virgin cold pressed olive oil at home which I used as cooking oil (healthier, I rarely do cooking that requires oil btw), so I had Kit go to the nearby grocery store and buy me some grapefruits. And then I had him squeeze out the juice. I mixed 1 cup of fresh grapefruit juice with 1 cup of olive oil. Surprisingly the mixture wasn't yuckish at all, the juice masks over the texture and taste of the olive oil. I finished the mixture in 3 sessions, 15 minutes apart.

Then I immediately went to bed, lying on my right side. At that point I was just blindly following instructions without knowing the reason behind, and was hoping that it worked. Soon after I lied down I felt super nauseous because of the oil, but I suppressed my urge to vomit and tried to get myself to sleep. I woke up several times to pee. Six hours later, I woke up and downed 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of salt dissolved in it, almost puked, so for the second cup I used plain water. I only waited around 10 minutes and started feeling the urge to purge, so I went and did my business.

The outcome was as expected. At least 20 floating, pea-shaped, green stones were spotted. I purged a few more times after that, but nothing much came out except water. I didn't feel hungry at all so I skipped breakfast and lunch. I had a vegetarian meal for dinner.

The pain was gone, but I could feel a distinct, sharp discomfort on the upper right side of my abdomen. I continued to research on this topic and found out that it's not uncommon to still experience pain after the flush, as some stones might get stuck in the duct on their way out. I also read all the skeptics' claims, but found solid proofs that counteract those doubts— laboratory tests proved that the "stones" in stool after flush really are gallstones and I managed to find explanations for all the opposite claims or doubts. Most importantly how people became well after the flushes reassured me, hence I concluded that the flush did work for a majority of people and would work for me as well. 

I decided to do a second flush after giving my organs some rest, and see if the discomfort which turned into slight pain after dinner would go away after the second flush. (I was positive that it would)

The reasons why I did not go to the doctor for a check-up to confirm: I was sure they would have to do an X-ray. I did not have a health insurance that covers medical costs for such circumstances, I simply could not afford it. Even if I could, I did not wish to pay for something I was already very sure about, and I could guarantee you the medical experts would be skeptical about the flush method and persuade you into doing something expensive but unnecessary. Which I did not wish to encounter. I believed that body has the ability to heal itself, natural remedies would work and so would LoA

Basically olive oil (or any natural oil) will force your gallbladder to pump bile, grapefruit/lemon juice helps dilate the duct. Epsom salt the next day helps relax smooth muscles (the duct) and acts as laxatives (the flush cleanses your liver too, you would want to get rid of whatever that ends up in your intestines before your body reabsorbs the toxins). I didn't know the salt has to be specifically Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate!) the first time I did it, so I just used Morton salt. -__-" Also, you're supposed to take small sips over a period of 1-2 hours before sleep, gulping the mixture will cause the oil and juice to separate in your stomach, and the oil will float on top and give you nausea. -____-" Lying on the right side, better yet curling up your legs will put strain on that area and help the contraction (pumping).

Actually the cleansing starts with dieting and drinking apple cider for a few days beforehand, but since I was already a pescetarianist and also I needed energy source for college life, I decided not to diet. I bought a gallon of apple cider and finished it before I did the second flush. Apple cider will help soften or break down the stones for smoother passing.

The second flush was a week after the first one. This time with only half cup of olive oil and half cup of grapefruit juice because after reading all the variances of the method, I concluded that it should be enough to work with same efficiency. I decided to not use Epsom salt after Kit wrongly bought the inedible one (he is always trying to kill me...) since people said it tastes like shit after all, and overdose will cause intoxication, which also send you to the hospital wtf. I had Yogurugen (for intestinal cleanse, I received some free packages from at home so I used that as the laxative instead.

I passed more stones, and whatever discomfort I had before disappeared altogether after the second flush!!! Who cares about all the scientific debates, as long as my body is feeling great I can tell this method indeed works like a charm! Since then I never experienced any symptom anymore. I'm so grateful, whoever invented and promoted this method, thank you so much!!!

In fact everyone has silent stones in the liver and gallbladder so whether or not they give you problems, if you're concerned with health you should cleanse your body system once in a while!

Kit and my family members plan to do the flush soon :D

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