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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween: Freakfest 2013

You know it's the time of the year again when you see this wizard casting a spell on the cameraman.

Earlier that day... #onlyinmadison

Me as cracked porcelain doll. Dress, coat, neck belt and heels from Bodyline

First guinea pig!

Turned Alex into a psycho killer instead of a "mad scientist"...

Seems legit, still.

Found this myself on a webpage that auto compiled photos tagged #freakfest

Another guinea pig, Winnie

No idea how he got the grease paint all over the hoodie... sigh.

Yet another guinea pig. Mr Dracula

Accidentally gave Anna a bruise instead of a blood stain...
(never mind let's just pretend that the wolf just punched her ha ha ha)

Another Winnie. She did this herself, inspired by Painted Skin

Miss Painted Skin's was so overexposed under flash...

I love those two things at the left sho cuteeee 

what combination is this I can't even

that Amazon box thingy

Based on what we witnessed through the window when we were dining, they were initially two strangers who coincidentally dressed up as Dick-in-A-Box guys, then they bumped into each other and decided to go as a team afterwards! (our assumption could be wrong though... it seemed unplanned when they saw each other)


Jie Hwa took this photo using my camera. I must say he is very... skillful.

So hungry?!

League of Pale Faces

Forgot what we were looking at. Was it the condom-ed penis?
(if you pay enough attention, you can find him in the video)

My magical stare made the spoon vanish. Lololol

I swear I wasn't trying to be Miley Cyrus. You will see who wanted to be Miley Cyrus later in this post.

"Eww my weapon is now covered in saliva."

"Has it dried completely yet?"

"Okay I can go back on mission now."

Spoon borrowed from Jie Hwa

Not very slender Slenderman o_O

You should be able to tell who took this photo.

Compensation psychology?

Saw many yellow minions that night, Mei Ting and Ivy were two of them. Why no purple minions? :(

You know which word pops up in my mind don't you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Some (dumb) people actually ripped off a few bills off him and realized those were fake...

Doink doink doink~

Bounce bounce bounce~

Real food?!


Keep warm, be a snowman.

Hungry mummy nurses?


My favorite!

Is it just me or she did look look like a ball

Of course you would also see walking statue and international students who didn't bother to dress up

It was reported that police made 28 arrests that night. I actually witnessed someone got chased by a group of policemen, then violently pinned down onto the ground and handcuffed...


I knew someone would show up as Miley Cyrus as seen in "Wrecking Ball" 

And of course, Miley Cyrus as seen in her MTV Awards performance too...

Twerking was inevitable.

Saw many Mexican sugar skulls too

Astronaut and yet another sugar skull

We saw this guy on the street! (found this photo on the internet)

Pixar lamp. Bet his eyesight became temporarily impaired after Freakfest...

Taken after we all went back to my place. My flash was too bright?

Darkened a little using photo editing app. Miss Painted Skin was missing cuz she was still on the street...

Taken during last year's Freakfest. Eileen just uploaded it a few days ago -_-

ps: contact me if you want credits given to the photo(s) you own

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