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Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween: Cosplay Party

The event was very disappointing, the moment I stepped in I realized that it was literally just a let's–hang–out–in–costumes–and–dance–to–some–music event organized by and for the members themselves. No snacks, no souvenir, no warm welcome to the "outsiders", no ice-breaking session. The members only interacted among themselves like the event was an in-group thing. 

This guy was the event photographer. He's responsible for all other photos you see below.

I don't even know why they bothered having an event photographer... Before the Costume Contest started, the committee/members were dancing in a circle and all the event photographer did was taking photos after photos of the same scene from different positions outside the dance circle. Like this:

He took at least 10 photos like this.

What about us who were just sitting around? Hello we paid $10 to attend the event and put in effort to dress up, but because we weren't dancing we didn't deserve any photo??? I was expecting the event photographer to offer shooting at least one individual portrait for each of us who showed up; yet he didn't. I scrolled through the event album and there wasn't even a single photo of Kitty.

I bet you, had I not participated in the Costume Contest, I would have the same fortune as Kitty.

Not to mention the quality of the event photos— grainy, low light exposure, tilted, weird angle, horrible photo composition, over saturated colors (terrible editing by the photographer himself)... I didn't even know how to correct the photos (hence all are untouched, except the one I masked my face with manga Nana).

For god's sake he was using a DSLR............!!!!!!!!

Give me your DSLR camera. Nao.

Left: The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)
Right: BMO (Adventure Time)

The best way to turn a person into a flabby toad is by shooting from
ground level... (I will unmask the masked part at the end of this post)

Queen Elizabeth

Left: The Postman (Legend of Zelda)
Right: Marcus (Adventure Time)

Guy-Manuel (Daft Punk). He built this flashing rainbow light helmet himself :O

Four finalists: Guy-Manuel, The Postman, Korra and The Tenth Doctor (spot me at the back!)

The winner! She did the whole outfit (plus that dog plush) herself  :O

The Naito fursuit head (left) was made from scratch too. (!!!) Such dedication...

Now let me show you how I was tragically turned into a toad being shot from the most unflattering angle...


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