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Monday, October 21, 2013

Walt Disney World ⋅ Magic Kingdom (Day 2)

(March 2013) The next day after visiting Universal's Islands of Adventure we continued to explore the rest of Magic Kingdom! 

OOTD which you will not see anymore in the rest of this post.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Last night's party

I'm trying to complain less and mention less about events or people that could evoke negative feelings so I'm just gonna leave you with this photo:

Let's just say there are things to be grateful for in every circumstance and I can now be more stern when it comes to deciding what occasions and which people are actually worth my time in the future ♡

Thursday, October 17, 2013

SKIT: Weird American Office

Attached is the recording of our skit presentation last semester, which was voted to be the best skit in our section!

Big thanks to
Tatebe — Me
Tanaka — Mern-jie Tan
Boss — Steve Ripley
Employee — Stephanie Kempf
T.A. who proofread and corrected our script — Eri Sato
Professor who assigned this presentation — Takako Nakakubo
... and classmates who voted for us! :D

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Natural gallbladder flush

Three weeks ago, I started having stomachaches after dinners, and the pain lasted the whole night until I went to bed. At first I didn't give much thoughts on it since I did get digestion problems once in a while, so I thought it was either lactose intolerance* or something to do with the refrigerated food. It wasn't long before the recurrence pattern got my attention and on Thursday night, I had a major one, it was so bad I couldn't even do anything else except laying on bed mewling. Kit gathered my symptoms, did a quick search on the almighty internet and immediately figured out what it was.

*do you know studies claimed that at least 80% of southeastern asians are lactose intolerant? sucks if you love milk and/or cheese... but helps you stay healthier I guess? Since studies also showed that dairy products are generally bad for us. Idk! So many contradicting findings everywhere nowadays and I'm too lazy to dig into every finding I come across so let me just believe in what I choose to believe in and depend on Law of Attraction wtf.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Some old dramas

People never fail to surprise me. Only if these people don't read my blog, you will surely have a nice time reading all the intriguing details how crazy those scandals can be, and how funny I've been a psycho magnet all my life.

Not that I'm complaining though... free amusement, free amusement babe. :)

Anyway I'm in the mood of spilling some stories and since very few people read my blog nowadays, here goes:

  1. There was this one guy who came to me and said he didn't know what he should do to stop this good friend whom he stuck with everyday from liking him. His reason for still sticking with and giving attention to her all the time: after he rejected her romantic pursuits, she cried and begged him on the phone for an hour. Since all she asked for was simple (which was to continue sticking together), he agreed to it. Btw, I also know that before she confessed, they used to write each other letters everyday and the contents were pretty suggestive. (how did I know? well, never talk about private stuff in the toilet, you never know who else are behind those closed doors eavesdropping)

Thursday, October 3, 2013


You better hide your kids, hide your wife! They steal everything (well, almost).

You can start watching at 1:00. OMG PRICELESS

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

8 Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day

(Written by BELLE BETH COOPER at Business Insider)

Get ready to have your mind blown.

None of them are huge, life-threatening mistakes, but they are really surprising and avoiding them could help us to make more rational, sensible decisions. Being aware of the mistakes we naturally have in our thinking can make a big difference in avoiding them. Unfortunately, most of these occur subconsciously, so it will also take time and effort to avoid them—if you even want to.