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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Would you rather

I think I figure out a way to help you figure out whether you love a person (romantically) more than you love yourself.

Answer the following question:

Would you rather...
A. lose a limb to be together with this person your whole life, provided that this person will never mind that your body is no longer whole, will always love you, and you will still be fertile. The loss of that one limb will not obstruct you from getting successful in the future, the only downsides are a-life-time inconvenience and possibly self-image issues (depending on how you deal with it psychologically).
or ...
B. have all your limbs intact and spend your life with someone else (whom you haven't met yet) who will also always love you. But the person you initially love (the one in option A) will suffer the loss of your love for his/her whole life.

In other words... assume that in both situations, you are still able to get the same status/power/wealth in future, and both relationships are of similar nature and intensity, you are the top priority in life for both persons— are you willing to lose a limb, just to be with this particular person and make him/her happy for the rest of your lives?

By the way, I recently notice that most people actually think it's best to have your partner loves you more than you love your partner... which surprised me, I thought everyone would think that having your partner loves you just as much as you love your partner is the most ideal state *raise eyebrow* tsk, tsk, tsk.

Anyway, even if equal love is not in the options given, I would rather I love my partner more than I'm loved, simply because... loving people brings more pleasure to me than being loved by people ・‿ ・