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Friday, September 27, 2013

Walt Disney World ⋅ Magic Kingdom (Day 1)

During our spring break in March, we went to Orlando, Florida for four days, three days to visit Walt Disney World and one day for Universal Studios. Walt Disney World consists of four theme parks: Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. The former two didn't appeal to me so I decided to only visit the latter two. We started with Magic Kingdom, which based on my research would take up to two days to explore!

Route: Dane County Regional Airport, Madison, WI ✈ ✈ Orlando International Airport shuffleHoward Johnson Enchanted Land Hotel public bus Disney's Transportation and Ticket Center monorail Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom
Taken from inside the bus

On the monorail. Dolly eyes + puffy cheeks = fresh like a daisy ✿ lolololol

"You make me look like pedophile," said Kitty.

Kitty flashing his teeth and dimple (and dilating his humongous nose too wtf)

And I went back to a normal smile ・‿

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom
Reached!!! Let the memories begin ◠ω◠

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom parade
Parade was just starting as we entered!

My aegyo sal are perfect here! *smug*

Disney Mickey chicken soup
Chicken soup bought at food court, which was already the best I could find in the fast food menu.
(if you have plenty of time and money to waste, then you should eat in one of the restaurants)

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Cinderella castle
Obligatory photo of the famous Cinderella's castle 

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle
Pretty meh? Blue and grey so boring -.-

I still won't mind staying there though :3

Looks like lego from this angle

Look, no-mask Fairy Godmother! (the one on the right was at Tokyo Disneyland.
I supposed the mask is because it's very hard to find angmoh-looking obese granny in Japan.)

Obligatory restroom mirror OOTD selca wtf. The T-shirt was a gift from Kitty's mom 

So sien have to wait like forever in long queue before each ride. Come I show you my nails and rings lah.

Un-hidden mickey. (a true "Hidden Mickey" is one that is not meant to be seen immediately, and is usually
placed purposefully by a Disney Imagineer or artist in a context that would not normally contain Mickey Mouse)

Proper OOTD photo! Mickey half hidden in my boots :D

This photo exists because we queued up behind the wrong tail -_-

Winnie the Pooh pat on my shoulder and asked for a hug! 
(must be the person inside thought I was too cute hehehehehe)

~ Alice's Tea Party ~

Just a bunch of rotating cups. You can control the spinning!

Hahaha look like I was very pro could still take selfie while spinning! Actually the rotation was very mild.

♒ Under The Sea ~ The Little Mermaid's Journey 

This little boy ahh, saw me taking photo still blocked the seashell! ಠ_ಠ
Or he thought I wanted to take photo of his crocs is it -__-

This was like the only ride I bothered to take photos of because of my obsession with boobs/bra wtf

And also because Kitty has a thing for redhead wtf

No la actually it was because I don't eat meat right so seafood is my protein source. I love scallops omg

Seriously I don't even know why you're reading my blog.

I welcome you to read my blog anyway! This fat octopus lady also welcomes you.

Of course she has to get rid of the fish bottom to be with him or else how they gonna... :X HAHAHA.

On PeopleMover ride~ Whoa this one my face sap pat sui bok bok cui ^ε^

Astro Orbit

Kitty looked dazzled. I looked... adorable :D

I would say Space Mountain (video below) was the most thrilling ride in the Magic Kingdom! I didn't get to experience it at Tokyo Disneyland cuz Tomorrowland was closed when we went, so I totally didn't know what to expect. We waited in the queue for two mothafucking hours, when the first hour passed I was already like "fuck. This ride better be good or I will mengamuk". And we got sent into complete darkness and after a few unexpected drops I really felt like I was gonna have a heart attack. I was so scared because the train moved so fast and I couldn't see where it's going?!!! And if I fell out of the train nobody could see too!!! And I had no idea if that really happened where I would fall into/onto??!! 

Another ride I love is the Haunted Mansion! And only when were queuing up for this ride I found out that Kitty has already been to Walt Disney World before -_- he didn't mention it earlier because he was too young to remember things during the previous visit, and also he forgot that he hadn't told me -______-

Other rides were similar to the ones we did at Tokyo Disneyland (here) and the rest of the attractions were more like interactive stage shows so I'm not gonna attach videos! That's all for Day 1 in Orlando. Day 2 we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal's Islands of Adventure, and then Day 3 we continued to explore Magic Kingdom. Will blog about it next time, ciao!

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