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Monday, September 9, 2013

Le whimsical Country Village

(January 2012, Bothell, Washington)

You should have been convinced that my title is not an exaggeration at all eh? :)


No not leaving yet lol. Passed by the entrance again so I took this photo.

Plastic face -.-

Found a cute postcard lol

Another cute postcard hehehe. I like ostrich. They look like one of my friends :D

We had tea here :)


Pink creamy-looking cookies 。◕‿◕。

Hippie chicken hahahaha wtf.

Weird flower. NO WAIT

Omg hehehehehehehehehe

I followed this cock around for like 5 minutes just to feel amused hahahahahaha

This chicken was just standing there in the middle of the road cuz the road is his grandpa's one wtf.

I shove my camera in his face (face?) and he didn't back off. Standing still like a boss.

Taken inside a random home decor shop

Hello he wasn't a decor item okay. It's a real live chicken!

SO BIG omg. The chickens there were not afraid of humans at all, I was so near and he just chilled.

WSK was making quack quack quack sound and fanning the chicken off the bridge hahaha wtf. 

ps: Blog debts from 2012 finally CLEARED!!!

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