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Sunday, September 15, 2013

First party this semester

Went to an Asian party (pre-game) on Friday night at Spencer's place. The girls who came were all so damn gorgeous *slurp* but no pictures for you all cuz by the time the atmosphere warmed up, half of the people was already so drunk and we all left in a rush to get into a club.

I think we were the only girls in senior year? And we were I was creeping on the newbies hahahahaha

This alcoholic Kylie Tee was already drunk before we reached the club wtf.

Ended up she went home straight away after failing to find me and Kit in the club. Lol.

Reanne, one of the newbies. Pretty right? :D

I'll be throwing a party with Kylie this coming Friday (before the semester gets really busy), hopefully there will be pictures with other new girls! Stay tuned ;)

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