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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Childhood years 2

My father wanted to steal my penguin from me and I felt amused. I think. Hehehe

That bolster (made by my grandma) was the culprit of my nose-rubbing addiction ≖‿≖
Same penguin. I don't remember myself wearing a gold necklace when I was little o.O

When I was 2 or 3, one day mom hid this rabbit plushie's ears in her palm and told me she performed some magic and had made the ears disappear. I believed it and immediately cried. Then mom released the ears and went TADAA I was like HOW DID THAT HAPPEN and she laughed at me like siao -_- wtf.

Sulking because I wanted to make funny face and they forced me to keep a straight face.

Caught distorting the bear's head hahaha wtf. And now you know how hopeless my eye bags (or is it aegyo sal?) are. I was born with them THEY WONT GO AWAY

Dunno why so happy wtf.

First merry-go-round ride in my life. Then pening kepala wtf.

Until now my father uses Colgate everyday.

My primary school teachers used to say I look exactly like my mom. But her eyes so much bigger okay.

Pretending only. They never allowed me to cut the cake myself -_-

Grandma and deceased grandpa. I was (and still am) a very pampered grandchild :)

Birthday used to be my happiest day each year and I looked forward to my birthdays so much :)

Act 清纯梦幻 hahaha wtf.

Dressed up for kindergarten's graduation ceremony. I gave a speech and sang 我有一只小毛驴我从来也不骑。有一天我心血来潮骑着去赶集。我手里拿着小皮鞭我心里正得意,不知怎么哗啦啦啦我摔了一身泥。

Smug face cuz first time riding a horse.

Smug face again cuz first time petting a horse.

This one is Donut. The coconut hairstyle my mom cut one HAHAHA

Smug face cuz riding his sister hahaha wtf.

Donut used to be so cute OMG. What happened

He started attending kindergarten so my mom no longer cut his hair coconut style hahaha.

Quirkiness runs in our genes I tell you.

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