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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Alpacas & Punggungville

Happy Labor's Day! 

WSK and I visited Henry Vilas Zoo again (for the 3rd time) in hope to see le scumbags lions and tigers, yet they were still forever hiding from us ಠ_ಠ


Below are videos I found on YouTube. Just to prove to you they do exist at Henry Vilas Zoo wtf.

Went to see the alpacas instead but they were all sheared and hence uncutened ಥ_ಥ

Did you see how much dust the black one shook off ⊙_⊙

Alpacas are adapted to snowy, mountainous regions, I think the summer weather was too hot for them that's why they were a bit sien. Or maybe they were just hungry. They were very jumpy during winter!

When I got home I received this picture from Rudy on Facebook.

ass butts

Rudy: Translate pls
Me: First column on the left, from top to bottom: Men's butts, small butts, can't see. Second column: Women's butts, big butts, flat butts. Third column: Muscular butts, saggy butts, tan-lined butts. Fourth column: Wide butts, wrinkled butts, beaten butts. LOL
Rudy: LOL
(Soong Kit passed by and made a remark)
Me: Soong Kit's comment: Why does Rudy have so much obsession with butts. Relax lah.
Rudy: Tell him I'm secretly building this.

Me: where the fuck are you
Me: who sells this
Rudy: LOL
Rudy: Punggungville

ps: we visited Chicago for the first time exactly one year ago! Check out the post HERE

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