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Friday, August 30, 2013

Weird Underwater Creatures!

(January 2012)

Entrance of Seattle Aquarium

WSK staring at the fishes


Side view of the first fish featured in my video

Can you spot the fish?

Can you now?

Guess what this creature is?


Hello you can't disguise yourself cuz you're too fat

Is this the same kind with the spiky red thing I touched in the video???

Guess what this is?

Some... sea snail.

Some... thing.

Some octopus?

Looks like this thing's eating a fish???


Eww ew ew ew ew I HATE TENTACLES

Skinny starfish?

Normal colorful fishes finally. Yay.

And a bird.

Acrylic decoration at the restroom area

Selfies time!

All the pink plush toys were honored to have a picture with me 

Oh look my face is so long

Look alike 1

Look alike 2

I wouldn't hate octopuses if they look cute like this. Teehee

Souvenir. When it glows in the dark it's damn gorgeous okay. My camera failed to capture its beauty!

Guess how much it cost? $60 wtf. Must have gone 失心疯 that time to let Kitty bought me this!!! I thought it was a real jellyfish inside, but when I reached home I saw a 'Made in China' label at the bottom and felt so cheated ಥ_ಥ but Kitty said it's really neat and its purpose as a souvenir is worth the price he paid! It has then become my gratitude stone ^_^

I'm so loved 

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