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Thursday, August 15, 2013

[Painting] Hungry Alice

I posted some of my drawings/paintings before here and here, but guess what, I hadn't produced any artistic piece since I graduated from high school.

Until a few hours ago.

Was watching Kitty play American Alice McGee (I was the one who wanted to play this game and Alice: Madness Returns at first, but soon I realized 1) I suck at it 2) I get motion sickness after staring at the 3D scenes for some time), got a little bored and started doodling on the marker pad I bought months ago. 

Can you tell what's going on? I thought it's pretty obvious, but Kitty couldn't guess it! LOL

Do you know that I'm a big fan of Todd McFarlane?

Will definitely continue to paint taint more fairy tales/childhood stories :D

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