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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Electric Run 2013

Happened yesterday. For once my blog is up-to-date.

Electric Run is the Nation's Premier Nighttime 5k run/walk experience, where the participants are an integrated part of the show. Featuring immersive "Lands" of light and sound that transport the participant into an electric wonderland, Electric Run promises to transport the mind, body and soul to a new world in a healthy and drug-free way. Participants are encouraged to join in on the art by lighting up with glow sticks, LEDs and anything else their imagination can conjure up.

August 3rd, Wisconsin Alliance Energy Center 

Team Can Lah: Siyu, Spongebob, Alex, Regina, Me, Kit, XiangZhi, JieYin

Getting ready to run 5k

We were at the very last of the last batch, run simisai.

Emcee throwing goodies from above. Hit my head wtf.

First station.

Can you spot me? Of course you can't.

Now you can.

Oh hi.

Water station

Who says charity event will minimize wastage?

They called this mystical  forest.

More like hell or some sort of transitional dimension in Chinese horror movie to me ಠ_ಠ

中元节快乐 wtf

这些布景到底是谁出的 idea Ծ_Ծ

check out my sexy back. lol


I came, I glowed, I slowly walked 5k wtf.
The sports bra is only for aesthetic purposes, I'm allergic to physical exercises. 


  1. That looked like a cool party. I liked the glowing lights theme. Speaking of which, it reminded me of this performance...check it out!

    Good thing I wasn't there...if I saw you like that... :-0