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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bye, strangers

Kitty complained that the way I paraphrased our conversation made him sound like a jerk. But... that was how I recalled it. *look away*

I finally removed a huge bunch of people off my Facebook for good. I just don't see the point keeping them on my friend list: you see, I hid ALL their posts from my news feed, and they almost never interacted with me anyway (clicking 'like' for my profile picture change doesn't really count). If they are interested in finding out how I'm doing, this blog is far more resourceful don't you think so. Need to contact me? They can still send me messages on FB anyway. Cool, what if they are really, really keen (read: nosy) but find reading my verbose or photo-heavy blog posts too tiresome? Well, if they're sincerely keen I suppose they shouldn't feel so— you have full control on the speed you scroll down, nobody forces you to actually look at each word and every picture I published, but anyway— good news, I have a public Facebook page where I post all the random useless shits. So what difference does it make whether or not I keep them on my friend list?

Brutal it may sound, you gotta admit that most cross-paths in your life are not very significant.