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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wisconsin State Historical Museum

(this visit was made back in December 2011)

When this picture was being taken I was also being commented on by three Chinese guys (students) standing nearby, conversing in Mandarin. Apparently they thought I was Japanese (WSK and I converse in English).

I like it when China/HK people assume that I dunno their language and talk freely around me. I also like it (a lot) when people comment that I look like Japanese, or thought I am one! Half of the time people said I look Korean-ish though... which always confused me because I don't think my style has anything to do with ulzzang -_-

So the conclusion is, most people can't even tell Japanese and Korean styles apart wtf.

Barbie doll has become very representative in many topics. Ethnicity, body image, relationship with Ken wtf.

Can someone tell me what is the cartoon on the top left called? I tried "primitive cartoon character wearing orange cloth with black dots" but google failed on me. Wait this is so deva ju D: I am sure I googled him before!

I didn't know the existence of Simpsons until I go to college. And I hate them. They look hideous.

I have a faint memory of that yellow slug thingy but I can't recall where I've seen it before.

Was damn scared of clown! 'Clown' is called 'Ah Boo' in my kiddo language with 'Boo' pitched higher than 'Ah' wtf. When I was a toddler, my mom always played this 哎哟哟老师 (Miss Ai-yo-yo) educational  kids' show and every time the clown came out I would cry. Okay this is irrelevant to the picture

Snakes and Ladders!!! Childhood memories 

What is that black fluff thing D:

Via the window. So picturesque!!!

That time RainbowColor was not launched yet! Now I cannot stand contacts with super fake thick black limbal rings like this anymore. Also the RainbowColor lens I currently wear is only half the price of these Maxim lens in the picture, plus RainbowColor lens are for 3-month-wear. Maxim is only for one month. MAKE WISE CHOICE PEOPLE!!!

Courting flutes!!! Whaaat. Imitate birds issit wtf.

This question was quite striking.

Jeng jeng jeng~ My hoodie has bunny ears!!! かわいいですか?◠ω◠

十五歳の少女みたいですね~ ˘⌣˘


Why is this eagle so famous. He appeared in Veteran Museum too.


Versatile right my jacket? From cute to elegant :D 

I used to have the yellow hair one!!! When you flick the doll his hair will stand straight up!!! 

I love this bunny plush a lot I dunno why. If I could buy it I'm sure I would!

Ugly betty?

WSK used to be so good-looking??? What happened to him now?! D: D: D:

Finally something that really interests me! 

Whoa the hair. I think Rudy wanna be like him :D

A corner of souvenir shop downstairs.


  1. Geez, you "used" to look so sweet and innocent -- what happened to you? LOL

    I must say, I like you a lot with natural, black hair...(maybe because you look more asian?) :-0

    1. I still doll up now ( was in March this year), it's just that I have too many blogging debts to clear so when you might only see my current "sweet and innocent" look in 2015 (if you're still reading this blog), and you will comment the exact same thing!

      On a side note, you remind me of Humbert Humbert in Nabokov's Lolita... but with a tinge of Asian fetish. *laugh*

    2. I have NO idea what you're talking about with that Lolita reference...but I guess that I may need to expand my horizons?

      2015? If you're still blogging, I'm sure that I'll still be reading...

    3. It's one of the finest literature work in history, you won't regret giving it a read.