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I write verbose posts about polyamory, love, lust, and self-discovery on my other blog Victoria's Imaginarium.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pretense is overrated

Geez. Only if people can just be fucking honest about what they feel and what they want all the time. Screw ego and ethics and just be fucking blatant. If things go the way you like, congratulations; otherwise, cry it over and suck it up. Isn't this better for the soul and make things easier for everyone? Life is too transient to be wasted in thinking how to disguise your true intentions and feelings in pretentious words. Who has got time for all those little games. We all die eventually.

If you desire me, say it. If you don't, reject me. If you're not sure, I'll help you make up your mind. How hard can this be. I don't give hints, and I don't take hints. It's unfair to leave me hanging. I don't do this ignorance-is-bliss shit, for god's sake why can't we just cut the craps and give a definite answer?

Then again, a definite answer can never be an absolute one. 

Anyway, exhaustion has finally forced me to put a halt to my repetitious rehearsals of memories before they got twisted and over-bleached. For now, I will convince myself that our cross-path is meant to be kept as simplest as it can be, and continue my life as if you never mattered. If this is what you wish.

Of course, until we meet again.