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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why are you so obsessed with me?

I think you know why I never really made this blog more personal. 

And I thought after all these years, pretty much all of my schoolmates should have extended their circles beyond the hometown gang. But I was wrong, most of them still stick rather closely together despite the fact that they go to different colleges, and gossiping about the same people remains one of their favorite pass time activities during every gathering.

I don't understand their obsession. Especially when uh, my close friends and I barely even remember the existence of our schoolmates anymore.

I mentioned this before, but it still amuses me— where did the rumor about me dating a Pakistani come by again?

(it's just funny how they actually specified the ethnicity when they possibly can't even tell Pakistani apart from Palestinian and Iranian... Duh. I have never dated any of the mentioned though, it must be an Asian thing that I generally don't find myself romantically attracted to the dark-skinned. So there.)

I myself actually don't mind all these unnecessary concerns, but how would you feel for your mom if someone goes straight up to your mom and asks, "Hey, what is your daughter's boyfriend's father's occupation?"

I do plan to get more personal though... and I suppose things I want to write here in the future are not gonna be worth gossiping about.

So yeah.

Things like, I have been having dreams about my ex-crush again since I found out that he broke up with the girlfriend. And other things like, it just hit me how regretful I actually am that I did not develop relationships with my other ex-crushes (not sure if considered "crushes", the infatuation and more-than-just-friendship state lasted pretty long) when I had a chance to, and that I would love to make it up to them and to myself by sleeping with them some day in the future if they want to wtf. Because the past is as good as fiction. Yeah, of course there are people I am obsessed with too, but I don't go gossip about them every now and then!

Anyway, feel free to talk about this among yourselves kay. Feel free to discuss with your moms too wtf.

On a side note, I just found out that the song Obsessed is speculated to be aiming at Eminem. You can read the whole drama here, make sure you read the top comment too, it nicely sums up what I feel about Eminem. The last bomb thrown was Eminem's song The Warning, and the whole drama seemingly ended with Nick Cannon's tweets.

I wanted to write about my past flings, but now I am not too sure. Lol

ps: I attached the mentioned video in the previous post, go watch if you're keen. I didn't manage to go past 5 minutes... Allergic to it. The comments alone gave me enough insights about what was being preached.


  1. Time is ticking.... V a c a t i o n ...

    I'm awesome me...who are you?

    1. OS: 邱大爷?可是语气又不像……

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