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Monday, July 22, 2013

Good health is everything

I have so many things to say, but this week I'm just plain tired I don't really feel like going deep with all these thoughts on my mind.

The lethargy was because I stopped taking BC pills for a month and dysmenorrhea came back to me without mercy on the day I had my midterm, followed by post-menstrual headaches and exhaustion for the remaining of the week... Great. I didn't know this would happen, it'd always been fine when I was on Loestrin24 (which was four times the price of Microgestin but so effective it completely halts ovulation, and therefore I would go off the pills every other month for my period to resume). Oh well. If I end up getting diagnosed to have GAD or any similar sort, I doubt if I'd want to be on medication to further mess with my hormonal balance.

And I really hope that it's just a scare that gingivitis is coming back to my gums. I don't want to go through another debridement after the two one-hour-long sessions just 3 months ago, please. And this one more wisdom tooth... fuck. You don't even want to get me started on all the problems brought by wisdom teeth. That will need a whole post on its own.

Anyway, I'm happy that I've finally fulfilled my resolution about updating this blog frequently... thoughts and emotions are better to let out than buried deep inside. For me at least :)

ps: I'm being prescribed BC pills as dysmenorrhea control