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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chazen Museum of Art

Again this is a visit made back in December 2011 when Kit came over during winter break. So for this museum, photos and videos without flash were allowed. The museum is quite big it took us two days to explore (actually, it would take only a day if I went alone). On the second day of our visit, a group of students was shooting a video of themselves break-dancing across the galleries, and the security guard joined them when they sat down in a circle viewing the playback. Which was kinda cool, and now that I'm typing this, I've inspired to go back there and shoot something interesting :D

So one of the reasons it wouldn't take as long if I went alone was, when I spotted something I adore, I just whipped out my camera, snapped a photo of it and move on. Another reason was, I didn't bother spending time in front of pieces that didn't captivate me; I did stop and look at every single piece, but I didn't give equal amount of thoughts on each one. Whereas WSK, gosh— I thought he'd be bored, ended up I was the bored one ⊙_⊙ because he was like, really taking his time trying to analyze/understand every single piece! I couldn't believe it, neither did any of my friends who know well about my art background. I started attending art class at a very young age, and was taught realistic sketching of human faces/bodies at the age of eight, you would expect me to show more appreciation than my boyfriend of zero art background did... oh the irony.

Arts are cheap nowadays; too many productions, too little audience. Not sure if artists are necessarily of these qualities, one thing for sure, we are all egotistical. If we're not part of the production crew, chances are, we can't care less. Creative people are like that. 

I took many close-up photos of some of my favorite art work, will upload them to separate posts. Below are some scenes of the galleries:

How I used to look with black eyes and black hair, which didn't show *sing* WHO I AM INSIDE~♪

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